Mexican food: The best that can be found in Cheyenne Wy

There are around fifteen Mexican restaurants in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Although there are plenty of Mexican restaurants to choose from, it doesn’t mean locals consider them to be the best. People have moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming from locations with better Mexican restaurants. Even they say that if there had to be a list of the best Mexican restaurants in Cheyenne, Wyoming, these would be on it.

Don Rey’s Mexican Restaurant
1613 Capitol Avenue
(307) 426-4023

As a family owned and operated restaurant, Don Rey’s Mexican Restaurant is perfect for the entire family. The prices are affordable even for those on a budget. The portions are massive. Some locals agree that most dishes will feed two people. Don’t worry about missing the game, Don Rey’s has mounted television with ESPN running at all times. Out of all of the Mexican restaurants in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Don Rey’s has turned out to be a local favorite.

Tortilla Factory
715 S Greeley Highway
(307) 637-8850

Second on the list of favorites is the Tortilla Factory. It is an affordable lunchtime favorite. Residents rave about the chips and salsa. The prices and portion size are reasonable. The décor is simple. The staff, however, aren’t as attentive as some other Mexican restaurants but when you do have their attention they are courteous.

Rodolfos Mexican Grill
801 E Lincolnway
(307) 632-1231

If you are looking for a Mexican restaurant that is open 24 hours a day, consider trying Rodolfos Mexican Grill. Not many Mexican restaurants serve breakfast much less with traditional Mexican breakfast food. Do you want food on the run? Try ordering through their drive-thru. This is perfect for the late night Mexican food craving without having to dine in.

Hacienda Guadalajara
317 E Lincolnway
(307) 632-1432

Last on the list is Hacienda Guadalajara. It is known for being a vegetarian friendly Mexican restaurant. The prices are reasonable and the portions are massive. Be careful not to fill up before your order arrives. At Hacienda Guadalajara, they always serve an unlimited supply of chips, salsa, bean dip, and pico de gallo at no charge. The staff is amazingly friendly and helpful. Their ingredients are fresh and don’t come from a can like most Mexican restaurants across the nation.

Many of the Mexican restaurants in Cheyenne, Wyoming are family friendly and quite casual. Although not considered the best Mexican food ever, these choices are close enough to satisfy that craving for food from south of the border.