Churches in Cheyenne Wy

Cheyenne, Wyoming has a rather large diversity when it comes to churches to choose from. Many religious faiths are represented in this town. Christianity is the most predominant. This is evident with most of the Christian demoninations represented in Cheyenne. Although each Christian denomination has several churches, there are a few that stand above the rest. There is only one Jewish place of worship and the closest Islam worship center is an hour’s drive.

Catholic Churches

St. Joseph Catholic Church is located at 603 House Avenue and is the smallest parish in Cheyenne. However, they are big on helping the community. They host a food pantry and offer guidance and help for those recently released from jail. They also have adult education classes available to the public. Call 307-634-4625 for more information about these services.

Church of the Holy Trinity has a variety of services and focuses on helping adults of all ages to become better Catholics. It also has a great children and youth department, too. It is located at 1808 Hot Springs Avenue and offers a variety of Catholic classes. For more information, call 307-632-5872.

St. Mary’s Cathedral is located at 100 West 21st Street and is over 100 years old. Aside from regular worship services and confession it also has other services for devout Catholics. It is home to a private Catholic school. It also has a cemetery and funeral services. For more information, call 307-635-9261.

Episcopal Churches

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church has all of the traditional services that come with the Episcopalian church plus a variety of fellowship and community activities for its congregation to get involved with. It has a variety of luncheons and barbeques throughout the year. It also works with the local Salvation Army. It is located at 3325 McCann Avenue. To find out more about its worship, services and activities call 307-778-7709.

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church is located at 1908 Central Avenue and is involved in a variety of community ministries such as helping the homeless by helping them with shelter and food. It also has a food pantry and the Linus program which provides handmade blankets and quilts to children who have been through a traumatic experience. To find out how to get involved, call 307-634-7709.

Methodist Churches

First United Methodist Church has several ministries for adults, students, and children. Located at 108 East 18th Street, it has several worship services on Sundays at 8:00am, 9:45am, and 11:15am. It also has Sunday School at 9:45am. It boasts a congregation size of over 1,000 and has been around since 1867. For more information on its ministries, call 307-632-1410.

Faith United Methodist is a smaller Methodist church in Cheyenne. It is located at 522 E. Sixth Street and focuses on worship and bible studies. Sunday services start at 10:30am with Sunday School prior at 9:30am. Call 307-638-3184 if you would like more information on what this church has to offer.

Grace United Methodist is youth oriented. Located at 2950 Spruce Drive and has a variety of worship opportunities and youth activities. It also has several outreach programs including a mission trip to the Pine Ridge Reservation and several programs to help the local community. For more information, call 307-634-7472.

Baptist Churches

First Baptist Church has many fellowship and bible study activities available to its members and guests. There are several fellowship opportunities for men, women, singles, and children. This church hosts Awana, God’s Squad, and a Kids’ Zone. The other youth can enjoy Fuel which is a fun, interactive bible study and fellowship that helps shape young people to be the best Christians they can be. Sunday School starts at 9:30am and Worship Service is at 10:45am on Sundays. It also has events on Sunday evenings and other days throughout the week. it participates in several areas of community service and missions. First Baptist Church is located at 1800 East Pershing Boulevard. You can find out more information about its activities by calling 307-632-9334.

Sunnyside Southern Baptist Church has a variety of ministries focused on the community and age groups. Some of its community services include a food closet, homebound ministry, support for military and government workers, and pastoral counceling. On Sundays it has two worship service times; one at 9:00am and another at 10:30am. it also has bible study classes at 9:20am. It also has several fellowship and bible study groups that meet throughout the week. Sunnyside is located at 3411 Cleveland Avenue. Call 307-632-6496 for more information about what it offers.

Meadowbrook Baptist Church is located at 3161 Omaha Road. On Sunday mornings, Bible study starts at 9:00am and it has two worship service times at 9:00am and 10:30am. Throughout the week it has several other focused groups and activities for all age groups from students to seniors. For more information on what Meadowbrook has to offer, call 307-778-8709.

Jewish Synagogue

There is one Jewish Synagogue in Cheyenne. It is Mt. Sinai Synagogue located at 2610 Pioneer Avenue. Shabbat services are on Fridays at 7:00pm and Saturdays at 9:30am. It also has religious classes, movie nights, game nights, and celebrations for each Jewish holiday. For more information, call 307-634-3052.

Presbyterian Churches

First Presbyterian Church is located at 220 West 22nd Street and offers so much to its congregation. Not only are there several worship and Bible study opportunites, but it has several fellowship activities for adults, children, and youth. it also works on local missions including a Christmas outreach program that provides gifts and food to families in need at Christmas time. For more information about this church, call 307-638-3345.

First Congregational Church is located at 3501 Forest Drive and is also a community based Presbyterian church. It has several activities for children, youth and adults. Its Bible study and fellowship activities include Men Alive, Promiseland for children, a youth center, congregational meals. Call 307-632-9389 ‎to learn more about becoming involved in this church.

Islamic Centers

There aren’t any Islamic Temples or Mosques in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The closest one is the Islamic Center of Laramie, Wyoming which is about an hour northwest of Cheyenne. it acts as an educational center as well as a religious center. For more information, visit its website or call 307-721-8810.

Choosing a church is an individualized process. Each person has specific wants and needs when it comes to choosing a church home. It is best to try several churches to find out which one fits your spiritual needs. These churches are considered some of the residents’ favorite churches but their still may be a church that is better for your spiritual needs than what is listed here.