Summerfest begins the season of fun in Milwaukee

Summerfest begins the start of summer and fun at the lake front in Milwaukee, Wisconsin every year. Its trademark is a big smiley sunshiny face and as soon as it shows up in newspapers and advertisements families are setting up plans of action to attend every concert or activity, as there is something for everyone at this lake front extravaganza.

Traveling to the lake front is easy for families. The park-n-ride bus services are in most of the suburbs and they can be dropped off right at the gate. If driving suits you there is plenty of parking available on the grounds or downtown structures.

Tickets are discounted at designated times of the day, or one day may be free. If each person donates a food item your day at Summerfest may very well be free.

Everyday during the week of Summerfest activities for families are announced on the news, newspapers and online. Concert tickets for every taste of music can be purchased ahead of time. This is recommended as the tickets are sold out fast because of the high end talent offered and their popularity. Music favorites include country, heavy metal, pop, r&b you name it, there is something for everyone’s taste.

There is a Children’s day, tickets are discounted. A park has been built in the middle of the grounds with a stage for children’s favorites i.e. clowns, dancers and magic shows. This area has plenty of seating, shaded and very clean with separate rest areas.

Vendors selling products are kept to a minimum, so shopping on the grounds is possible to score that Summerfest hat, shirt or jewelry.

Food is everywhere. Italian sausage sandwiches, German Brats with sour kraut, Polish sausages, Barbecue ribs and pulled pork sandwiches, Asian cuisine and the good old American hot dogs and hamburgers with fries. Everyone in the family gets to eat what they like best. Ice cream dots and varieties of deserts are tempting to everyone. It is time for Milwaukee’s favorite local restaurants to shine and offer families their best fare.

Music at the Beer Gardens get grandma and grandpa out there for a polka dance recalling prior Summerfest visits through the years. Milwaukee’s Brew city offers it’s finest beer on tap and the best root beer to taste anywhere in the country all under one gigantic party at the lake front.

Sitting on a rock watching the waves splash, cooling off from the lake breezes in the warm sun is an attraction at Summerfest offered free every year.