Summer fun in Milwaukee County Parks

Wisconsin has finally dug out from under the snows of winter; now, what to do? Fortunately, those living in or visiting the Milwaukee area need to look no further than the local Milwaukee County Park System for cheap and free things to do during the summertime! This park system, one of the finest in the nation, gives ample opportunities to get out, get active, and experience life.

Get out

 A visit to the Boerner Botanical Gardens will fill all the senses through a leisurely stroll in these formal gardens. Visitors are surrounded by carefully maintained gardens that showcase a multitude of flowers and plants artistically arranged. This handy chart even lets visitors know what is likely to be blooming the gardens at the time.

Wisconsinites wishing to soak up the sun are well served with a visit to one of Milwaukee county’s five beaches. In addition to offering a chance to swim, the beaches offer great places to play, build, or even just people watch. Bradford Beach is the most popular, and most crowded beach; visitors looking for peace and quiet might consider one of the other beaches.

Get active

The Milwaukee River is easily accessible from multiple points in the park system for canoing and kayaking. In addition to being a great workout, these water sports offer unparalleled views from the river. There are several sections of low level rapids as well as several portages. Local outfitters offer rental equipment, and docks in downtown Milwaukee allow stops for dinner or exploring Milwaukee’s Riverwalk District.

The Oak Leaf Recreational Trail is an ambitious trail offering 100 miles through the parks and streets of Milwaukee County. It is perfect for hiking or biking during the summer months. This trail is the longest of the many trails offered through Milwaukee County and offers an easy way to get out and get moving.

A variety of sports facilities with everything from archery to Frisbee golf to volleyball, offer summertime fun for all. Many fields are available on a walk-up basis for free or can be reserved with a fee. Summer sports leagues are also offered, with kickball leagues for adults and little league for kids! Plus, a variety of golf courses offer tee times throughout the summer.

Experience life

During the summer, it is possible to attend a concert in one of the Milwaukee Parks almost every night of the week. Styles vary from country to jazz to classical, but the concerts are free (and often include free admission to the site of the concert if it normally has an admission fee). The lineup of both locations and performers is impressive.

The Milwaukee County Park System offers fun for all throughout the summer months! Don’t just read about it – experience it.