Milwaukee’s historic Third Ward has many cultural venues

When you talk about culture and Milwaukee’s Third Ward you are talking about the heart of culture and the arts which means about 25 galleries and music/art studios, the Broadway Theater Center that houses the world famous “Skylight Opera House”. To give you an idea of how huge the Broadway Theater Center is imagine that this is a cultural complex which also includes the following :

The Cabot Theatre – where you find The Skylight and Milwaukee Chamber Theatre productions. This is where you find the popular interpretation of 18th-century Italian baroque opera house tradition. Watch the opera and experience that “grand” entrance including intimate setting, the latest luxury of wide seat, or try one of the 48 seats in the gallery all designed for your viewing pleasure and comfort.

The Studio Theatre – is that ” black-box style” type of theatre where you can find the Renaissance Theaterworks plus Milwaukee Chamber Theatre productions. This is not the typical formal theatre, but rather the “informal” kind where the audience usually interact with each other.

The Skylight Bar – This is for you if you prefer the old cabaret-style place complete with vintage-designed tables and chairs. This one offers the audience about a 100 seats. There is also the bar which is for small business meetings, parties, or even intimate stage performances.

Dorothea Mayer Salon – If you prefer the experience of a European style Salon the Dorothea is located at the second floor overlooking the Catalano Square. This is smaller than the Skylight bar and an accommodate about 60-70 people at the most.

Of course there are is also the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design (MIAD) where exhibitions of artists from all over the world are proudly displayed. There are also motivational speaking events and lectures held here. For instance on September 17, the MIAD sponsors poetry reading to commemorate Constitution Day. There are also schedules of book signing activities from popular authors held here.

The Off-Broadway Theatre in Milwaukee’s Third Ward is the 8 story White building with the “AVEDA” awnings. It is located almost in front of the Milwaukee Public Market which makes it easy for any tourist/visitor to find. Here the visitor can watch all kinds of entertainment from plays to pop art shows. This theatre is one of the most popular in the Third Ward because of its shows which include ANY THEME from “The Story of the Legendary Paul Robinson” to a presentation of the “FBI Chronicles of John Lennon”.

If you aren’t a fond of watching shows and operas you may wish to consider joining one of those Third Wave Food Tours. The food tour concept was started by Theresa Nemetz whose grandparents where from Sicily. It’s a tour of the most popular restaurants in the Third Ward from the oldest Italian and German restaurants to the Wisconsin Cheese company. There are several types of “food tours” in the Third War, some may choose to go on a “strictly pub tour”.

 You may also go an a historical tour through the Historic Third Ward area which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places as the city’s oldest centre of commerce and warehousing. This area was also the site of the city’s most tragic fires called The Great Third Ward Fire of 1892.

Miller Park also offers concerts and events sometimes under the open sky during the spring and summer. Have a taste of your favorite beer while listening to music, laughing at our favorite comedy gig, or simply enjoying Downtown Night.

Some cultural events and tours have been intertwined with other events at the Third Ward. Culture, History, Food and even shopping are ALL part of the heartbeat of the city of Milwaukee. Including that artful display of beer brewing and Italian pizza food presentations. Here’s to art and culture Milwaukee style!