Juneautown eateries in Milwaukee Wi

Picking out the right restaurant in Juneautown Milwaukee is a matter of individual “taste”. Your palate usually determines if you’d rather go for a burger than a pizza. Thus, picking out the best eateries in Juneautown may be a rather subjective endeavor but based on restaurant reviews in the area, these are a few of the best ones :

Elsa’s on the Park in 833 N Jefferson St is one of the most popular eateries particularly if you love burgers. This burger joint is owned by the same family that also manages the the Kopp’s custard/burger chain. Elsa’s on the Park is where you may find celebrity visitors muching a beef burger with Feta and Greek Olives plus about two hundred Martini flavors. If you’re out for great burgers ( like those typically made by Kopp’s) you’ll find them at Elsa’s on the Park. They also have a drive-in for take out orders but Elsa’s has made it’s mark in Milwaukee as being THE PLACE where yuppies, celebs and business people stay for the burgers, beers, music and the cozy atmosphere.

 Kil @ Wat located at 139 E Kilbourn Ave is for you should you prefer Asian cuisine. Kil @ Wat serves authentic Chinese and Asian dishes like all types of noodle dishes, Thai meatballs, Kobe beef with a citrus truffle mayo plus an array of sea food dishes garnished with different types of Asian/Inidian/Chinese sauces. No less than the Milwaukee Magazine has featured this restaurant lauding it for both its food and inviting ambience.

Carnevor in 724 N Milwaukee St is for those who love steaks. The menu is not just the usual steak and potatoes. It covers everything like crab cakes, onion strings appetizers. They also have their UNtypical Mac and Cheese plus deep-fried rock shrimp. Add “popcorn pebbles” pieces of hard rock shrimp, dripping with sweet chili sauce. Their crab cake is a firm flat golden chunk of shellfish with the and tuna lemon citrus. Carnevor offers Milwaukee locals and visitors everything from baked to grilled steaks and seafood plus all kinds of salads.

 Cubanitas in 728 N Milwaukee St is one of the best kept secrets in Milwaukee. It is reputed to be one of the most reasonably priced restaurants in the area and it serves Latin American and Cuban dishes like Jamaican Chicken Stew, meat and fish steaks buttered with creamy cheeses and jalapenos and almost all of the most popular Cuban and Mexican dishes. Cuban Chorizos on the Paella is also a delicious choice for lunch!

Mikey’s Milwaukee in 811 N Jefferson St is a favorite spot of locals and visitors because it is conveniently located in the Milwaukee downtown. Mikey’s Meatloaf is the special lunch fare which is made out of ground pork, beef angus, strauss veal baked with Wisconsin cheese and mushrooms. Mikey’s also offers “curbside carryout” which means that you can call in your orders early and drive to pik it up at the curbside.

 Safehouse in 779 N Front St is a “novelty themed” restaurant. If you’re in Milwaukee with your wife and kids, it’s a great place to eat and have fun. Safeguard is a restaurant that you won’t even see right away. It is located at a building with the sign International Exports Ltd. If you want to play spy and espionage with the kids and still have a great meal, visit Safehouse and taste its steaks, burgers, tortillas while trying to discover all of the restaurant’s “spy gadgets”. You don’t go in without knowing the secret password however, but do a trick and they’ll let you in.

Sabor located at 777 N Water St is a Brazilian restaurant which is fast becoming an extremely popular eatery in the Milwaukee area because young professionals in the area seem to love Brazilian dishes. Sabor is the only Brazilian eatery in Wisconsin where the best Brazilian sausages, stews, steaks and appetizers are served. Prices are reasonable and meals are huge and satisfying.

Cafe Hollander at 2608 N Downer Ave is almost a Milwaukee institution. Knowm for being the restaurant with the Best Beer List for 2009, this eatery serves everything else too – breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and appetizers. It is also the home of the famous Turkey Turnip Burger which is a bun plus a half pound burger made with ground turkey, bell peppers, and onions, grilled with Curry Ketchup and Sriracha Mayonnaise. Cafe Hollander also offers the best appetizers to go with their best beer flavors from Calamares to fresh mussel steamed with shallots.

Be it a “spy restaurant” , a steakhouse or a Brazilian eatery, when one talks about eateries, Milwuakee seems to have it all. Add their long beer list and what you get is total satisfaction!