Family fun at Milwaukee County Parks

Your family will enjoy Milwaukee no matter the season. Here there are activities scheduled by administrators of the parks and nature sanctuaries .Be it kayaking,hiking, golfing,swimming, boating, fishing or sledding during the winter months, almost all the parks in Milwaukee have something to offer the family.

The Milwaukee Country Parks Department is where you start to plan a day of outing, particularly during the spring and summer months, near the Milwaukee river. This river flows through the most scenic sub-streams through the city so expect to be awed as you witness nature and waters. Your family an try kayaking , riding the canoe, camping or sledding during the winter months. Bond as you get excited streaming through different water paths going to the harbor.

You may wish to have fun with your family at the Havenwood State Forest at Hopkins Street . Havenwood is about 200 plus acres of wildlife and old trees which you won’t see right away considering the impression that Milwaukee is a city But if you and your family are nature lovers there are summer and spring activities such as hiking through a “smal secret” forest or you can try the a “nature trail” tour. There is always the sledding and skiing during the winter !

Visit the Schlitz Audubon Center in 1111 E. Brown Deer Road ,an awesome recreational and educational site which offers both locals and tourists nature exhibits and workshops even for kids. Bring your kids to the wildlife sanctuary and challenge members of your family to go hiking six miles or climbing a 60-foot “tower” within the park. Take pictures when you reach the top and see the whole view inluding that of Lake Michigan.

Pere Marquette Park is the right place to be if you happen to love skating and camping. If you hapen to be in Milwaukee during the autumn and winter months, your family will enjoy camping, hiking but especially the candy canes, and the parade of dancing gingerbread which explains the “Gingerbread Dreams” theme of this park. Of course, there is also the 50 feet Christmas tree to behold as the holiday season starts.

Wehr Nature Center in 9701 W. College Avenue is place you and your family can take delight in whatever the season. This wildlife center/santuary was created and is operated by the University of Wisconsin.

Enjoy a filed trip or attend a lecture as you are given a tour through this special place and see the woods, the prairie lands and the lake.Kids have their own earth-friendly activities such as watching movies and plays with the main theme of protecting the environment. During the winter months, there is always ice-skating and sledding to enjoy as you bond with your family.

A visit to the ” Dome” or the Mitchell Park Horticultural Domes with your family is a great experience whatever the season.See the popular three horticultural glass structures that are 6 stories high. Imagine that each dome has a theme – there’s the Arid Dome which shows visitors a prototype of the deserts of Africa and South America. There is also the Tropical Dome which is basically a tropical rain forest featuring some 1000 species of tropical plants including flowers, greens and even a waterfall which doesn’t freeze even during the winter. Treating your kids and family to a visit to this place is a an awesome “winter break”. Of course, the is also the Show Dome is where the best floral displays are exhibited.

No matter the season, families are happy when they visit the county parks of Milwaukee.Activities for kids and seniors are dutifully and carefully planned by the park administrators and community leaders making any Milwaukee park the perfect place where families can bond even as they actively enjoy the scenes and activities.