Fall food festivals are plentiful in West Virginia

The fall season is famous for hosting food festivals in West Virginia. These events are usually held in the small towns. Featured festivals include the Buckwheat, Taste of our Towns, Potato Festival, Golden Delicious Festival, and the Pumpkin Festival.

Among other things, food is a main attraction at the Buckwheat Festival, held in Kingwood. Lasting for four days, this Festival attracts thousands of people who make the journey from all over the states. The event is viewed as a family tradition. Intent on enjoying what the Festival has to offer, these persons zero in on the buckwheat cakes – the specialty. The ingredients in buckwheat cakes are sweet milk, buttermilk, soda, ground sugar, baking powder, and salt. These are all combined and allowed to rise, producing the delicious treat.

Lewisburg appears to host a festival that showcases a variety of foods which all receive a first class rating. The festival called Taste of our Towns, allows restaurants, as well as civic clubs and businesses, it seems, to produce incredible foods. These foods are available for sampling by the attendees at the event, and it all happens during a single day. Pecan pies, crab cakes, and many exclusive dishes are savoured and quickly sent down the oesophagus. As cash is not used at this Festival, tokens need to be secured ahead of time. These can be obtained from the Carnegie Hall website.   

Nicholas County is famous for its potatoes. At its festival, in Summersville, potatoes are available for mashing, frying, or simply cooking them in soup. Lasting for three days, the Festival caters to entire families. There are contests for decorating the potato, as well as eating it in its mashed form. The potato is also judged and auctioned at the event. The support given by the civic groups in Summersville renders the Potato Festival, of Nicholas County, truly a community affair.

The apple is the featured food in Clay County. Specifically, the Golden Delicious variety occupies second place in terms of popularity around the world. As a result, the County Golden Delicious Festival was founded. One of the highlights of the Festival, which lasts for four days, is the contest surrounding the baking of cakes and apple pies. Citizens of Clay County gather for the event which also brings home those who have gone out from it. It is a gathering that seems to be highly anticipated.

Fall food festivals in West Virginia are much anticipated and greatly supported by locals and aliens alike. Some of the festivals focus on one specific food, while others feature a variety of foods and dishes. Contests surrounding the foods are not uncommon occurrences at the gatherings.