Availablility of family apartments in Morgantown

Morgantown, West Virginia offers residents a place for all types: the city is a mix of small town atmosphere with most of the amenities of a larger metropolitan area.  Well known employers like West Virginia University, Ruby Memorial Hospital, Mon General Hospital, and Mylan Pharmaceuticals are just some of the companies around that provide steady jobs.  However, with any well-sized city comes the chore of finding a nice neighborhood in which to raise a family, and Morgantown is no exception.  While the city has picked up a reputation as a “college town,” many neighborhoods still exist that are safe, quiet, and pleasant places to settle down with a family. 

Neighborhoods in Morgantown

Morgantown residents tend to divide up the city into multiple neighborhoods and areas, some official corporations, others unofficial.  None are perfect; all have their positives and negatives.  Generally speaking, the following neighborhoods have the reputation as being family appropriate: South Park; First Ward; Woodburn; Sabraton; Suncrest; Cheat Lake; and Baker’s Ridge.  These areas tend to be populated by families and young professionals.  As such, the neighborhoods have more houses than apartments, though duplexes and small apartment buildings can be found.   

Other areas that can be pleasant to live in are: Chestnut Ridge, Westover, Evansdale, and Star City.  These neighborhoods tend to have more university students but still offer nice apartment complexes.  Some areas like Westover are older, so inquire about the upkeep and age of potential housing. 

Areas in Morgantown that most likely are not appropriate for a family would be: Sunnyside, some of Stewartstown Road, main Downtown, and College Avenue. Improvements have been made recently to Sunnyside through “Sunnyside Up,” a program sponsored by WVU and the City of Morgantown to improve conditions in the neighborhood, yet it still tends to be more of a place for students than families.  The other areas also tend to have more student-oriented housing options. 

Specific Apartments and Rental Companies

Barrington North, Bon Vista, and The Villas are all well known apartment complexes; Barrington North lies near the Health Sciences Complex, and the other two are located on Stewartstown Road near the new Suncrest Town Center.  The rates can be decent, and personal experience with Barrington North has shown that the company that owns the complexes is competent and provides good service. 

Casdorph Properties LLC is another company where personal experience has shown that the owners are friendly and take care of renters.  The company is a smaller one, family run, so dealing with the landlord is more personal, and they work with the occupants to solve problems and address issues.  They offer family townhouses, homes and apartments, both pet friendly and not, for reasonable prices.  Families are encouraged and the properties are in a variety of quiet, well-kept neighborhoods in town. 

Allegheny Development Corporation, Inc. offers apartment complexes in Evansdale, near the hospitals, stadium, Mylan, and within easy access to the WVU campus.  As such, residents can be a mix of professionals and students, families and roommates.  Rates are fairly reasonable and some utilities are included in rent. 

Metro Property Management can be a hit or miss, depending on what apartment complex one investigates.  Some of the options, like Glenlock and Courtyard, are in the middle of downtown and not so beneficial for families.  Others, however, like Grapevine Village, Valley View Woods, and Vista Del Rio, are large enough for children and in nice complexes.  Prices can be high, though the complexes have various amenities and are well-kept, and the company itself works well with families and young couples. 

Brunswick Apartments offers a variety of different-sized apartments in a family and pet friendly complex.  The properties are near I-68’s Exit 1, putting the apartments away from most of the town hustle and bustle; additionally, they are far enough away from the interstate to be quiet and have a wonderful view of woods.  Being at the end of a mostly residential road makes it a nice place for children to play.  The reputation of the complex is very positive; interested parties have to join a waiting list for apartments coming up for rent. 

Apartments that are available in the Cheat Lake area are almost all family appropriate, since Cheat Lake is on the outskirts of Morgantown and in the price range of people who are financially secure.  As such, prices are high, but the complexes are beautiful and feature many different amenities.  Some examples include Lakeside Village and Braemar Townhouses. 

Apartments to avoid

Student apartment complexes tend to offer amenities like on-site recreation centers, free internet, cafes, and other options to encourage renters.  However, the atmosphere can be more like student dorms than family friendly.  As such, places like The Ridge, The Augusta, Chateau Royale, and The District are all apartments that should be carefully considered if one intends to start or raise a family. 

Family-friendly city

Morgantown offers a variety of benefits for families – parks, small and local schools, day cares, and various extracurricular activities.  The university brings in different clinics and services to help care for children and assist in all areas of their development.  For families, one could certainly do worse than the beauty of West Virginia’s Morgantown. 


For more information about different apartment opportunities, look at the “Looking for a Place to Live?” PDF provided by WVU.  Since this is a resource from the university, some of the places listed are student housing, but the list is one of the most comprehensive collections of apartment information in the area.  An additional catalog of rental apartments in Morgantown, WV is available here.   

Morgantown also offers a number of small landlords who rent out a few properties but are not large companies.  The City of Morgantown website provides a complete list of all rental properties that have been inspected by the city, along with who the landlord is and when the inspection was.  To see that list, click here.  West Virginia University also provides different links for more information about renting in Morgantown on their Off-Campus Housing website.   

Looking for information on renting or buying in the general area of Morgantown?  Explore the Fairmont/Morgantown Housing Authority website here.