Washington State bike trails

If you are planning a trip to Washington State or whether you are a resident there, if bicycling is your recreational pastime, then Washington State is the place for bicycling.  Washington State has been declared by the League of American Bicyclists to be the number one Bicycle Friendly State in the union.

With bike trails running anywhere from just under one mile to over 130 miles (The Columbia Plateau Trail State Park), Washington State promises great scenery and wildlife for the serious minded biker/explorer.  Here is a state guide to just a few of the many bike parks.

Included in the counties of Adams, Franklin, Lincoln, Spokane and Whitman, the Columbia Plateau Trail State Park is a two-star rated park that promises fantastic scenery and is more oriented toward bikers and mounting biking and some horseback riding rather than hiking; the serious rider would be well advised to bring his own water for planned lengthy excursions.  A small entrance fee is required.

Nearby, however, there are other Washington State bike trails, such as the Sacajawea Heritage Trail, Richland Riverfront Trail, Keene Road Trail, and Lake Wallula Scenic River Hiking Trail.

The Discovery Trail in Pacific County is perhaps one of the most scenic public parks around.  Oriented toward the dedicated biker and hiker, this bike trail situated in the Pacific Northwest promises a great journey.  The 7.6 miles’ length is named after the explorers Lewis and Clark famous expedition in the northwest over two hundred years earlier.  There are many bronze sculptures lining the path to commemorate the expedition.  The observant traveler shall be sure to keep a sharp eye out for natural art, such as birds and eagles, deer and other wildlife so prevalent in this area of the country.

Bikers and hikers will quickly note the great views of the ocean, forest groves and dunes.  While hiking, you will come across beaches along the oceanfront as well as take note of two lighthouses along the way.  Both of these lighthouses are over one hundred years old.  There is a Lewis and Clark Interpretative Center nearby that can offer more information regarding the history of this great State Public Park. Great lodging is nearby as well as four other State Parks.

The Frenchman’s Bar bike trail sets in between Vancouver Lake and the Columbia River.  Located in Clark County, this park state offers a paved trail and great scenery, including four famous Mounts: Hood, Adams, Ranier and St. Helens.  Also, there are ample picnic areas on the west end or the east area in the Vancouver Lake Regional Park.

The Green River Trail in Green County is another five-star rated state park that stretches out through the Green River Valley, following the Green River for the entire trail.  This almost twenty mile bike trail connects many areas, including some neighborhoods and smaller park areas.

The Olympic Discovery Trails are an ambitious project that will be almost 126 miles when competed.  The latest data comprises in late 2011 suggests that roughly 7.8 miles have been completed.  Divided into three major sections, this ambitious state bike park will ultimately between the Olympic Mountains and the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

Locally, this is called the Larry Scott Trail in memory of the great cycling enthusiast who started the idea of getting this bike trail constructed.

Washington is a great place to go for biking, hiking, horse riding and hosts of other outdoor activities.  Biking is one of the many sports promoted and endorsed here.  Washington lends itself toward the outdoors men and outdoors women.   With hundreds of state bike parks and hosts of other outdoor areas, the avid sports enthusiast is sure to find something to write home about.

If more information is required, TrailLink is full of everything needed to entice any outdoor enthusiast for a great vacation.