Neighborhood Guides West Woodland Seattle Washington

The boundaries of the West Woodland neighborhood are NW 65th Street on the north, 3rd Avenue NW on the east, 15th Avenue NW on the west, and on the south. This is an attractive area of smaller single family detached homes, multi families, condos and townhouses. Many of the homes are older dating from the first half of the 20th century.  Townhouses and condos are mostly newer. The styles are mostly simple bungalows. Prices in this neighborhood start at about $180,000 for a condo and go up from there. Apartments are also available.

In the middle of the West Woodland neighborhood, the almost 4 acres that are Gilman Playground offer basketball and tennis courts, ball fields, a wading pool, restrooms and a playground that is ADA compliant.

Ballard High School is located on the border of the neighborhood. It offers classes to students in grades 9-12 and has earned a GreatSchools    performance rating of distinguished 9/10 based on results from the 2010/2011 year standardized state tests. It is also a popular school with parents and students who give it a 4/5 community rating. West Woodland Elementary with classes for children from K-5 and also has received a 9/10 performance rating.  

Two blocks north of the neighborhood, Ballard Pool  offers year round aquatic entertainment to residents of the area which includes West Woodland. Everyone from tots to seniors is included in the scheduled swim times. The pool area has a rope swing, a 1 meter diving board, a slide and warm water spa. The water in the pool is a constant 85 degrees. The pool is ADA accessible and there are lots of lessons and exercise opportunities available. To get a copy of the schedule check the Seattle Park and Rec website.

Majestic Bay Theater is west of the neighborhood in Ballard but still just a few blocks away. It offers comfortable stadium seating, first run movies and a smaller more intimate location.

To the east of this neighborhood, the Woodland Park Zoo is less than a half mile away. The zoo is on 92 acres and offers over 300 species of animals which live in natural habitats. The Humboldt Penguin exhibit is one of the most popular. Another popular attraction is the historic carousel which dates from 1918. There is a barnyard where children can enjoy getting up close and personal with farm animals.  There are also other regionals all over the world represented. The zoo is open year round.

When residents want to go grocery shopping, there is a Safeway and a Trader Joe’s in the southern part of the neighborhood. When it comes to shopping, the Fremont Vintage Mall  has a lot of really interesting things to offer and it is always changing.

West Woodland is a very interesting neighborhood that has a lot of good reason to choose it for your home.