Neighborhood Guides Sunset Hill in Seattle Wa

Sunset Hill is a neighborhood in Seattle, Washington. Located to the northwest of downtown,  it overlooks Puget Sound. It runs from Northwest Market Street north to Golden Gardens Park, from Puget Sound to 32nd Avenue Northwest. Homes in this neighborhood date from a variety of periods but many are from the 1940’s and for the most part the craftsmanship is outstanding. They are not all single family, some are two family. When it comes to home process, the sky is the limit. Prices begin somewhere north of $400,000 and are still rising at $1.7 million. The determining factors of course are size and proximity to the coast. This is a very special neighborhood that highly maintained, has sidewalks that make walking a pleasure and is convenient to all the amenities residents expect.

Golden Gardens Park was developed in the early 20th century as a place for residents of the city of Seattle to go out to the beach. They traveled through areas where the developers were hoping to sell them homes so it was a great opportunity for all. The 87 acre park offers paths to walk along the coastline, beach area to enjoy sunbathing and hiking trails in the forest. Additionally, there are basketball courts, a boat launch, play area and picnic tables. There is also an off leash dog area.

Sunset Hill Park is a wooded 2.7 acre park that overlooks Puget Sound and the sailboat that are in the yacht club below.

Adams Elementary is located less than two blocks to the east of the neighborhood. It is a high performing school and has earned a 6/10  rating from GreatSchools  based on the 2010/11 standardized state tests. Parents and students love the school and have awarded it a 5/5 based on their comments.

The Nordic Heritage Museum is located just outside the Sunset Hill neighborhood in Ballard. It is dedicated to preserving and exhibiting the Nordic spirit and culture. It is open Tuesday through Sunday. There are a wide variety of exhibits including artists and designer from the Nordic countries and events such as musicians from Scandinavia. If you are curious about Nordic culture, this is a great way to get exposed.

The Seattle Sailing Club  has a fleet of 18 sailboats. Members get to use them as their own. Sailing lessons are available for people of all ages. It is a great way to get into the sport of sailing without having to afford a boat of your own. There are a variety of options to fit everyone who has the interest. There are activities that happen throughout the year including races.

The Ballard Campus of the Swedish Medical Center is located less than a mile from this community. This hospital has a state of the art emergency room that was opened in 2010 and a new cancer center which opened in 2011. There is a women’s health center and a medical imagining center. It is a comprehensive medical center that can serve almost any medical need that residents might have.

There are restaurants within walking distance on 32nd Avenue and on Market Street as well as other facilities that residents will want. Sunset Hill is a gorgeous neighborhood that is a great place to live.