Ivars Seattle Aquarium Pike Place Market Family Vacation in Seattle

From electric eels to local sea otters, the Seattle Aquarium has something for everyone. One of the most popular exhibits is the SEA OTTERS, especially at feeding time. Another highlight is the 120,000 gallon aquarium that mimics Washington’s underwater habitat. Divers feed fish three times a day, while taking questions from visitors. The OCEAN ODDITIES exhibit introduces visitors to seahorses and cowfish.

One of the favorite pastimes of children visiting the aquarium is the TIDE POOL, where they can touch sea anemones and sea stars. Naturalists are nearby to answer questions and sea life in local tide pools.

The aquarium is conscientious about focusing on local aquatic life. You will find exhibits with such local fish as grunt sculpins, Pacific spiny lumpsuckers, midshipmen fish, canary rockfish, wolf eels, and decorated warbonnets. The eel grass community on exhibit represents fish that is newly under federal protection because of its important role in the Puget Sound ecology.

The UNDERWATER DOME is one of the most popular exhibits as well as the largest. The 400,000 gallon tank can be viewed from 360 degrees. Here, sharks, salmon and cod swim slowly by. A scuba diver feeds the fish and takes questions, daily.

The aquarium sponsors age specific exhibits, such as TODDLER TIME and SCIENCE FAMILY WEEKEND. They also sponsor holiday events, such as their TRICK OR TREAT ON THE WATERFRONT, and the WINTER BREAK FANTASTIC FISHTIVAL

The AQUARIUM CAFE features foods a broad children friendly menu with items such as pizza and hamburgers. They also serve coffee drinks, baked goods, and sustainable seafood. The views from the upper balcony over the Elliott Bay further the seaside aquarium experience. There are numerous other restaurants in the vicinity, such as ANTHONY’S FISH BAR, ELLIOTT’S OYSTER HOUSE, and IVARS.

The best way to support the aquarium is by becoming a member. The membership dues help with stewardship of local aquatic habits, such as the rescue of injured animals. Memberships benefits include invitations to special events and discounts on purchases in the caf and gift shop.

You can walk to other Seattle tourist landmarks from the Aquarium, such as PIKE PLACE MARKET, PIONEER SQUARE, and the SEATTLE ART MUSEUM. For a real treat, you can host a birthday party at the Aquarium and even spend the night sleeping with the fish.

The Aquarium is an important part of Seattle’s eco-tourism because it brings a focus to the waterfront environment that is unique to Seattle, a city with over 90 miles of waterfront within the city limits. A visit to the aquarium teaches visitors and citizens alike to live in concert with our aquatic neighbors. The Seattle Aquarium is a treat not to be missed.