Childrens Activities in Seattle

Seattle is host to some of the best childrens activties around. Move over SeaWorld, and take a seat Disneyland. Have you been to the space needle lately?

From the newly added EMP, to its own small carnival, there are a ton of things to do at the Seattle Center. You can take a ride to the top of the Space Needle in a tiny bullet like elavator that has been around for centuries, or you could head over to the Childrens Muesum that is located in the center of the Seattle Center. It started out as a small building that housed a few dozen area’s where kids could go and explore tools and make believe all day long. If I could have stayed there for the rest of my life, I probably would have.

The Childrens muesum has now advanced from simple scene’s of doctors offices and homes, to Fast Food Restaurants, hotels and malt shops. Even that was 10 years ago, and they probably have many more new additions. Last I checked they still had the kids pottery classes and now have new workshops where you can go be on virtual TV, and had opened a new instrument and music area. The Childrens Museum has always strived to strike up imagination and fun in the minds of kids of Seattle and everywhere. The admission price can be a little spendy these days, but when you get a chance to keep your kids entertained for 6 hours while you read a book, than its worth a lifetime.

When you guys are done at the Childrens Muesum, it never hurts to slide on over to the Pacific Science Center and get you and your kids hands on some of the latest and greatest toys and exploration around. Not to mention being there in the summer when they have the huge bubble maker wands out. Make sure to bring your wet suits and camera’s if your there at that time of year.

An old forgotten adventure for your children is getting a ride on the Mono-rail! This futuristic bus on a rail has been around since the Worlds Fair and is still a really cool wonder for kids in the 4-9 year old range. The Mono-rail has two heads and there are two different mono-rails that run side by side on seperate tracks. If you ride one from the Seattle Center to the mall, you can get a bite to eat, check out some tourist shops and then catch the next ride back to the Seattle Center. Because most seattlites have riden the Mono-rail, there usually aren’t any long lines to wait in to get to it either.

After you have had your fun downtown, it might be time to take a trip over to the Woodland Park Zoo, which is located in the Fremont District and host to some of the Seattle’s best attractions; Animals. From the newly opened butterfly and flamingo exibits, to everyone’s old time favorites; Lions, Tigers and Bear oh my! The Zoo is always lots of fun for the kids.

They also have an awesome eatery located in the heart of the Woddland Park Zoo that hosts several smaller fast food lunch joints, or the ever so popular Rain Forest Cafe’.

If your tired of the Zoo and are still looking for something fun to do, try heading over to Mercerdale Park, on Mercer Island. This is one of my kids favorite places to go. In the summer they host several ‘Mostly Music’ nights where they get different preformers to come and preform on a very cool music platform at the head of the park. They have ‘Latin’ nights, ‘Cuban’ nights, ‘Jazz’ nights, and more. Thats not even the end of the fun at that park, if you go to the far end of the park, they have the coolest playground that has a Train they can climb on and scream around and enjoy pretending with a dozen other kids that they are on a train. They also have swings, slides, monkey bars and other joys. Definitely cool for kids ages 2 to 8.

The older kids might have more fun if they bring their roller blades, scooters or skate boards and take part in the skate park across from the playground. In between all that they have a diverse amount of people that gather in numbers from Mercer Island and around to enjoy the festivities. I have even seen face painting, karate sign ups and hula hoop sales there. Check out what they have going on from google and make sure to head down there for some fun.

If your looking for some swimming on a hot summers day, Greenlake or Mathews Beach are ultimate fun spots for your kids. Old and young alike will enjoy getting out to green lake and swimming for hours after a paddle boat ride. Or going down to Mathews beach and jumping of the high diving board into the warm waters. Both also have great playgrounds and a few hot dog stands, they both also have *showers* for everyone to use.

Carkeek Park and Richmond Beach are great places to head over to if you are more in the mood for walking and shell collecting. The waters are a bit brisk on these beaches, but when the tide goes out you’ll find plenty of gooeyducks at both!

There are so many things to in Seattle, and it is hard to remember them all! Make sure to read plenty of the other articles on Helium to see the different places and adventures that you and your kids can explore. There are more than enough of them. If you get bored, just head over to and type in “Childrens Activities in Seattle”