A guide to the best places to eat in Georgetown, DC

Georgetown is a trendy place to live and to dine. There are many options to satisfy almost any palate. The Washingtonian has named the 100 Best Restaurants in Washington DC and environs. Below are just of few of the options, some of which they have also listed.


For seventeen years French Chef Michel Richard has been bringing his take on traditional French cooking to the patrons of the Latham Hotel and also to grateful residents of Georgetown. Citronelle  has become an institution and not one who sits back and just lets his awards speak for him, chef Richard continues to surprise and delight his diners. Guest can choose from the lounge menu, the fixed price menu or promenade gourmand. The lounge menu offers such delights as oyster shooters and burgers that can be lamb, lobster or tuna. The fixed price is a three course offering at $105 unless you choose some of the additionally costly additions. From the appetizers to the dessert, it is pure Michel Richard with foie gras salad, asparagus three ways among the appetizer offerings. Short ribs, lamb, duck and a perfect ribeye steak are offered along with several other options as the entrees and then of course, the dessert. This restaurant has stood the test of time and is still one of the best restaurants in Georgetown. The good news is that occasionally the Latham offers such a good room rate that it makes dining at Citronelle less of a pinch on the purse.


1789   is one of the few restaurants today where a jacket and tie are still required. They have been serving the finest in local ingredients for over 50 years and though this is a splurge, it is a worthwhile one especially for that special occasion. Chef Daniel Giusti has taken American cuisine into a new realm of smaller plates while refining the traditional flavors. Traditional American desserts such as buckles, keep the restaurant grounded in the flavors of America and it has some of the best sweets anywhere in Washington, not just in Georgetown.  Summer is a good time to try this restaurant out with a special from Sunday –Thursdays that provides three courses for the delightfully inexpensive price of $40.


Mate  is a blaze of color and with an aluminum bar has a very contemporary and unique look. That all goes very well with the Latin influenced sushi menu. This is not the usual sushi restaurant but why would you want it to be? You will see names that might not be familiar attached to the fabulous rolls but don’t let that put you off, it is an inspired pairing and the Latin twist is the perfect way to serve a sushi roll, if you are in Georgetown that is. Among the offers are the Buenos Aires and the Chi Chi Rolls , how fun is that? Prices are very affordable.

These are three of the many restaurants that Georgetown has to offer. There are fast food restaurants, chains, ethnic food and a whole lot more in this fascinating part of the city of Washington, DC.