Tobacco Company Richmond Va

For over thirty years the Tobacco Company has been one of the most amazing and romantic restaurants in Richmond. The building itself is historic having been a former tobacco warehouse, thus the name. This four story wonder is just so well done with antique furniture ,flowers everywhere, trees and a lovely brass carved elevator to take you to the upper floors. This is the perfect place to stop for an after work drink or to enjoy a meal in a place filled with history and just reeking of charm.

Service is as exceptional as everything else about this restaurant. There are people to cater to your every whim. You glass will never be allowed to linger empty and you won’t be sitting with dirty plates on your table. The timing is impeccable; everything comes out just as it should.

The specialty of the house is the slow roasted prime rib. You can have it served with mashed potatoes or a loaded baked and whatever the vegetable of the day is. One of the options which is to die for is the green beans with bacon butter, how decadent and romantic does that sound? What you need to understand is that this is a bottomless prime rib. If you want more after your first very healthy serving they will be happy to bring you more. You would have to be very hungry indeed to need to have a second piece.

The menu offers plenty of choices both in appetizers and entrees. One of the most delicious appetizers is the coconut shrimp served with two dipping sauces. What is more romantic then sharing your shrimp? You will have a hard time deciding which to choose, the Cajun tartar or the chili mango. If oysters are more your passion, the Oysters Rockefeller will not disappoint.

The entrees run the gamut from pasta to salmon and chicken. There are also a wide variety of other beef options besides for the prime rib. If you want something homey try the meatloaf, though with its Southern comfort mushroom sauce it probably won’t remind you of Mom’s. For sides you can chose the asparagus with hollandaise sauce or the sauteed mushrooms.

You will want to save room for dessert. The dessert menu here is phenomenal. A good choice for sharing is the Molten Chocolate Truffle Cake. It is every bit as decadent and delicious as it sounds; it will make you wish that they offered a second piece on the dessert menu.

Enjoy an after dinner aperitif or a cup of European blend coffee and savor the atmosphere. This is a restaurant and a meal meant to be savored and enjoyed. This may just become your new favorite restaurant if it isn’t already.

All this service and romance doesn’t come cheap but is isn’t a total budget buster either. You can certainly have a wonderful dinner and a drink for around $100.