Summer fun in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is comprised of military families, civilian families, and the passing tourists who come to enjoy the beach. For all, Virginia Beach provides plenty of enjoyable summer activities.

The Beach 

Locals and tourist alike come to pack the beaches and the boardwalk during the summer. During the day the beach is full of people sun bathing, children building sandcastles, and people swimming, wading, or surfing. At night, especially on the weekends, the boardwalk and Atlantic Avenue is bustling with people walking or skating. Nearly every block has some form of entertainment that gathers a crowd whether it be a magic show, a band, or a group of singers or dancers. The beach has several stages for larger concerts open to the public. One night this summer, there was even a laser light show with a large number of spectators. Tourist shops and restaurants are available in abundance for those looking for souvenirs to take home or a place to satisfy their hunger.

Mount Trashmore 

Virginia Beach, offers more than a great place to soak up some sun and enjoy the waves. One of the interesting landmarks and places to enjoy the summer happens to be Mount Trashmore. It is exactly what it sounds, a mountain of trash that was grassed over to provide a place for the family to visit. Picnic tables with grills are available to have a cookout. A man made lake meanders through the property attracting ducks and geese. Mount Trashmore is also home to Kids Cove; a large interconnected playground with many swings, ladders, tunnels, tires, and slides. Across the parking lot from Kids Cove is a large skate ramp for the skater crowd to enjoy.

Indoor activities 

For an activity that allows you to come in out of the sun, the Virginia Marine Science Museum is an indoor adventure through the marine life housed inside. People of all ages will enjoy touring this museum and taking in all the wonderful sights and sounds. Also visiting Lynnhaven Mall will provide some relief from the heat with a wide array of shops including Barnes & Nobel, Macys, a large food court, and two adjacent restaurants. Also attached the mall is a state of the art AMC cinema complete with a 3D theater and IMAX.

Town Center 

The Town Center is a new development in the heart of Virginia Beach. The tallest building in Virginia proudly stretches high into the sky and can be easily seen from the interstate. Many wonderful dining opportunities are found in the Town Center including The Cheese Cake Factory, Bravo, and California Pizza Kitchen. The Funny Bone and the Sandler Center of the Arts is also featured in the Town Center providing after dinner entertainment.

So whether one is looking for fun indoors or out of doors there is plenty Virginia Beach has to offer. Moreover, with Virginia Beach’s proximity to its neighboring cities one can find even more summer fun by visiting another of the Hampton Roads cities. The opportunities for summer activities are vast, just look around and explore.