Rainy days in Virginia Beach

Rainy days are great days for reading no matter where one lives. Virginia Beach is no different in that respect. Passing on the pleasures of reading to children while the rain keeps them indoors is a wonderful way to utilize the day.

Make the indoor environment conducive for reading. Pull out blankets to snuggle up in and serve hot chocolate with plenty of marshmallows. If age appropriate, let the children help make the hot chocolate as part of a rainy day tradition.

Then help them select some books. Maybe the first time it would be a good idea to pick one story that you read to them. Let it be a book that has great literary style and weaves a great story. If the children are old enough to read, let them take turns reading some of the story. This will sharpen their reading skills and allow them to be active participants.

As the rainy day tradition takes root in the children they can begin to select their own books to read. A delightful series for children is The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. Each book is a wonderful adventure in to a fantastical land of Narnia. The books are a treasure for the young and old.

To add a little something different to the reading tradition, take a trip to the Virginia Beach Central Library. The second floor has a wide selection of children’s books. If they do not yet have a library card they can each get their own with the parents being the responsible party on the card. They can then check out books to take home and read.

There are smaller branches of the Virginia Beach library located throughout Virginia Beach, however, the Central Library recently renamed The Meyera E. Oberndorf Central Library is located at 4100 Virginia Beach Blvd. between Rosemont Road and Independence Blvd. This library is a lot more fun for children than the smaller branches as it is very expansive and offers multiple places to sit and read at the library.

Or try the brand new library jointly built by Tidewater Community College and the city of Virginia Beach located on the corner of Rosemont Road and Lynnhaven Parkway. It is a fabulous library with a fantastic children’s reading room. The high glass windows allows experiencing the ambiance of the rainy day while reading. 

Using rainy days to cultivate reading in your children will be instrumental in their success as adults who enjoy learning and broadening their minds through the vast world of books. They will be poised for success in their schooling including college.

“Take a look it’s in a book, a reading rainbow” melodiously allures those who grew up watching Levar Burton on Reading Rainbow explore the world of books. The current generation of children is growing up in a different culture-one highly focused on technology and visual media. Let us not loose the value of reading and use those rainy days to keep it alive for our children and our children’s children.