Guide to Thrift Stores in Virginia Beach

The average thrift store shopper is hoping to find gently used items at affordable costs while keeping an eye out for the overlooked treasure items that have much greater value than their sticker price. Virginia Beach is a great place to thrift store shop. There are enough good thrift stores in Virginia Beach that one can spend an entire day treasure hunting through them making purchases without spending much money.

A good place to commence a day of thrift store shopping is to start at the city line where Norfolk ends and Virginia Beach begins. Starting at Newtown Road, driving along Virginia Beach Boulevard, known by the locals as The Boulevard, one will see the Disabled American Veterans Thrift Store (DAV) on the right. Here one has the unique opportunity to try on clothes for they supply a dressing room to ensure you buy clothes that fit rather than guessing as one has to do at most thrift stores. They also have an ample selection of furniture, such as tables, chairs, head and foot boards, mattresses, as well as electronics such as televisions, radios, and the like. The DAV also has a wide selection of books, household items, kitchen ware, and toys. Lastly they have a collectibles boutique with a variety of antique glass, ceramics, vintage toys, and jewelry sold at thrift store prices. The parking situation is a little tight at this thrift store, but the values are worth a little difficulty in the parking lot.

Pulling out of the parking lot, wait for traffic to clear, and turn right into the far left lane on The Boulevard, if possible. On the left side of the street is the Salvation Army Thrift Store. This thrift store has an abundance of clothes, electronics, glass ware, some furniture, and books. They also, periodically, have auctions where one can purchase a large load of items for resale in an ebay business or flea market business. Leaving the parking lot, make a left continuing east along The Boulevard.

Within minutes you will be approaching the Town Center. Turn left on Independence Blvd. and drive down past Pembroke Avenue. You will see a shopping center with a Food Lion and a Cinema Cafe on your right. Make a left into the shopping center across the street and visit the Children’s Hospital of the King Daughter’s (CHKD) Thrift Store. There you will find books, toys, DVDs, glass ware, and clothes. After leaving this shopping center journey back to Virginia Beach Blvd. and travel east.

Just past Rosemont Road there is another CHKD Thrift Store on the right which is set up the same as the one on Independence Blvd except it will have a different selection of things. Leaving, CHKD continue east towards the beach, making a right Lynnhaven Parkway. Follow Lynnhaven around past Lynnhaven Mall and visit the new Salvation Army Thrift Store in the building that looks like a castle. Here you will find furniture, glass ware, electronics, videos and DVD’s, books and clothes. This would be the last stop on visiting the best thrift stores in Virginia Beach.

There is a CHKD Thrift Store in the Super K-Mart shopping center on First Colonial Road. However, after visiting the aforementioned thrift stores, one may one to save those for another day on a shorter thrift store excursion.

The great thing about thrift stores is they are continually getting in new merchandise, so each visit has new possibilities. Remember the thrift stores when getting rid of gentle used items in your home and help support their charity causes by donating such items. Also, for the more thrift store savvy people, Virginia Beach is only one city in the greater Hampton Roads area. There are Thrift Stores sprinkled throughout Hampton Roads with treasures just waiting to be discovered.