Enjoying Christmas in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach offers great ways to get into the holiday spirit throughout the city and surrounding areas of Hampton Roads.

One of the most well visited family attractions is the holiday lights at the beach. The city illuminates the boardwalk and sand with a grand display of holiday lights. One will see everything from Santa Clause, Mrs. Clause, and their Elves to beach creatures in holiday attire lining the path along the Virginia Beach. Each vehicle is charged a fee of about $10 to drive down the boardwalk to enjoy the festive miles of lights. Viewers are encouraged to turn on a holiday radio station for the full effect.

The neighboring city of Norfolk also offers a spectacular light show at the Botanical Gardens on Azalea Garden road near the Norfolk International Airport. The cost is similar, but instead of a beach lined with lights, you travel through the park full of trees and gardens illuminated with grand festivity.

For one more light option, this time of simple grandeur, one need only to journey over to Founders Inn and watch the grand illumination of the grounds of Regent University and The Christian Broad Casting Network complete with live music, hot beverages and holiday refreshments. The event commences in the afternoon with face painting and other family friendly activities. In the evening the whole family or a happy couple can embark on a horse and buggy ride around the grounds for a nominal fee. The beautiful Clydesdale horses are guided by two gentlemen dressed in old fashion tuxedos and top hats. It is a very festive and enjoyable ride.

All of the malls in Virginia Beach are fully decorated for Christmas making holiday shopping a fun enterprise. A Santa station can be found in each mall that attracts the children to sit with Santa and have their pictures taken.

Lasting a fun thing do in Virginia Beach for the family is to go shopping for a live Christmas tree. There are many cheap places to go and pick one out at a local grocery or hardware store, but there are also fun places to go like a Farmer’s Market or some other venue just set up for Christmas. At those locations, Christmas music will play, a blazing fire in a metal can will be set up for warmth and a table with hot cider and Christmas cookies will be available for those tree hunting. There is nothing like the smell of a fresh live Christmas tree and the joy of bringing it home and decorating it with the whole family.

It is easy to find creative ways to enjoy the holidays in Virginia Beach. One doesn’t have to look far or spend much money. Just ask around and try something new and you will have a delightful holiday season.