Best Restaurants in Virginia Beach

My favorite restaurant in Virginia Beach, Virginia is Captain George’s Seafood Restaurant located at 1956 Laskin Rd near the Regency Hilltop Shopping Center. This restaurant has always been very busy every time I’ve eaten there and the food is always good and tastes very fresh.

It’s an ideal place for families and large groups and I often have been there for work parties and gatherings. I especially love their peel and eat shrimp and the piles of crab legs. They certainly know how to prepare their crab legs so that it is easy to break them open and the meat practically falls out.

The Melting Pot is another of my favorites. It is located down the street from Captain George’s at 1564 Laskin Rd #182. Dinner there takes a couple of hours, but it is well worth the time. After you enjoy a salad, your waiter will ask you to select a type of cheese fondue and they will then prepare it at your table in front of you and bring you a variety of breads, apple slices, and other things to dip in the cheese. Next you will decide if you want hot oil or a bouillon broth to cook the meats and seafood. A tray of your selected meats and seafood as well as fresh vegetables will be brought with skewers and you will cook the meat a few pieces at a time. There will also be a nice variety of sauces for dipping once the meats are cooked. At the end you will have a fantastic selection of dessert platters to choose from and your waiter will melt a hot chocolate fondue at your table for you to dip fresh berries, fruits, cakes, and other treats in. I’ve also found that they have a nice selection of wines.

If you’re interested in fine dining with fresh organic vegetables and the finest of meats then you should check out the Fire & Vine restaurant located at 1556 Laskin Rd. (Okay, I really have eaten in restaurants other than those at Laskin Rd., but it seems that all of my favorites are pretty much lined up in a row.) Their wood fired steaks are to die for and I highly recommend the Prime New York Strip. If you’re a fan of macaroni and cheese, then you have to try an order of their truffled gnocchi and cheese. You’ll love it! Best of all, if you’ll be taking the kids along, you can order them a wood fired pepperoni pizza to keep them happy while you enjoy a more sophisticated meal.