Vegetarian Friendly Burlington Restaurants

Burlington is the quintessential college town and it has just the perfect vibe to encourage dining preferences of every sort. Vegetarians will feel very much at home in Burlington and there are a variety of restaurants who will offer vegetarian friendly choices that will satisfy their cravings for meals that don’t include meat.

Tilly’s Cafe

161 Church St

Tilly’s is not a vegetarian restaurant. They have lots of seafood and their sushi menu is quite extensive. Their casual island atmosphere will appeal to all diners. They offer daily drink specials and executive chef Brock Miller is constantly looking for new ways to express himself on the culinary front. He believes strongly in using Vermont products in as many of his dishes as possible and you will never be bored with the offerings at Tilly’s .

Tilly’s Cafe has vegetarian entrees, salads, appetizers and sushi. The Brie and caramelized onion quesadilla with three pepper relish, spiced apple sauce and curried mango chutney offers a perfect blend of veggies, fruit and cheese. The sunset roll is made of red pepper, cucumber, carrot and scallions with sriracha aioli. They offer several salads that will make any vegetarian happy and frankly non-vegetarians as well. But it is with the entrees where they really make a statement. Every week they offer a fresh ravioli, roasted pepper quinoa and sesame tofu.

If you are looking for a wonderful, creative meal and you are a vegetarian, Tilly’s is the place to go.

Daily Planet

15 Center St


For over twenty years locals have been comng to the Daily Planet for their funky atmosphere and the monthly rotating art show featuring local talent. Their menu features a little bit of everything but certainly has plenty to temp a hungry vegetarian. Eat inside or outside the choice is yours.

Whether it is Maura’s Fabulous salad of baby field greens, sweet roasted garlic, red grapes and gorgonzola cheese with toasted pecans and balsamic vinaigrette, the Thai Peanut Noodles or the Citrus Caponata you can’t choose wrong here. Even the bar menu includes several choices including fried green beans and the California Nachos.

Leonardo’s Pizza

83 Pearl Street

Pizza is always a safe choice when it comes to vegetarian food. They offer a whole wheat crust option as well as a regular crust.

All of Leonardo’s basics are vegetarian friendly. When it comes to extras they have all the veggies any dedicated vegetarian could possibly want. Try the fresh plum tomatoes, the freshly cut broccoli, red onions, white mushrooms and green spinach along with eggplant round out the vegetarian options.

When you are in Burlington and you are looking for a meal that doesn’t involve any animal products, these three restaurants will be great choices. If you happen to love your meat, well you can go there too, they are all people pleasers.