Things for Kids to do and see when Visiting Zion National Park

Zion National Park is an amazing place for families with tons of fun things to do and see. For kids especially there are many fun activities including the Junior Ranger Explorer Program. The Junior Ranger program is for kids ages 6-12 and begins Memorial Day weekend and runs until about mid-August. Not only will the kids learn to respect and enjoy nature they will also be learning about zoology, botany and geology. Since the kids will be indoors and out it is advisable to make sure your child is prepared for both. One of the best things about this program is you do not have to register days or even weeks in advance, all you need to do is be there about 30 minutes before the start of the class to register. Great experience for the kids!

It is always a good idea to show children new and (hopefully) exciting things they might otherwise never see where they live. One of those things would be rock art, at Zion National Park it is possible to see some great rock art at Sacrifice Rock. The rock itself was used as a marker for the Summer Solstice which is on June 21st . Every year on that day when the sun its high, the rock formation above Sacrifice Rock creates a shadow in the shape of a coyote’s open mouth.

There are many hiking trails at Zion National Park that are kid and family friendly and kids are usually fascinated by the natural beauty of the park and, along with a little learning thrown in, are often excited by what they are learning about nature. The Weeping Rock trail is only about a half-mile trek and while a bit steep most kids enjoy the awesome view once the top is reached as almost all of Zion’s landmarks can be seen from this outlook point.

The Emerald Pools is a very family friendly trail and it is most enjoyable as these unique ponds come into view. There are three trails that can be taken, the park itself advises that you to begin your hike from the Lower Emerald Pool Trail and the return trip using the Kayenta Trail. Besides these many unique pools to be discovered children are most often fascinated by the streaming waterfall, but be prepared as a round trip on this trail is about two and a half miles.

There are several places close by that children might enjoy visiting, the Best Friends Animal Society and the Angel Canyon Tours is one of the largest no-kill animal sanctuaries in the United States, this is a great learning experience for children. Another area to visit is the Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park that offer ample opportunities to build a castle in the sand.