Summer Family Activities in Moab Ut

Moab is a small Utah town which you may recognize from such films as, “Mission Impossible 2” or “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.” What makes a visit to Moab a truly worth-while trip is the stunning red rock landscape surrounding it, like that featured in the movie “127 Hours” which incidentally was shot in the vicinity of Moab. The red rock formations surrounding the town are so majestic that two national parks, Arches National park, through which runs the Colorado River, and Canyon Lands national parks protect them.

 Moab is the ideal vacation spot  for active families who enjoy outdoor activities. Camping is available at both National parks as well as several private campgrounds; however the best way to experience the area is through one of the many guided tour or equipment rental companies. These companies offer a range of activities such as calm water rafting, balloon rides and scenic flights for young, or simply the less adventurous families.

Several companies also provide more thrilling entertainment such as white water rafting, skydiving, jet boats and ATV tours. There are many other activities from horseback riding to photo tours that provide fun options for families of all sizes and ages. Camping, canoeing, kayaking and of course, climbing equipment is also available for rent from many businesses in the area. The municipal tourism site, provides an excellent list of such businesses, and provides a breakdown of the services each one provides as well contact information.

The town of Moab is equipped with a respectable range of restaurants and a good number of hotels for those families who prefer to stay in comfort. A list of restaurants and hotels can also be found on the municipal tourism website. The town also hosts a number of annual events that, depending on when you visit, you can enjoy with the community. For the summer vacationers, June features the town’s annual Annual Canyon Lands Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association Rodeo and Carnival.

Perhaps the most famous annual event in Moab is the 24-hours of Moab. 24-hours of Moab is a weekend long mountain biking competition that regularly draws thousands every October. Moab also has a Christmas parade in December and an annual march marathon. More information about any of these events can be found on the municipal tourism website.  

A visit to the town of Moab is a must on the checklist of any outdoor oriented family. There are a plethora of outdoor activities that will entertain even the pickiest family members. Furthermore, there are several economically friendly options for budget conscious families like canoeing and hiking. A trip to 24-hours of Moab is a must at some point for any family with a mountain biking enthusiast as well. Moab is a great vacation choice for anyone looking to escape the hustle of metropolitan life, and have a blast experiencing the beauty of nature.