Park City

Renowned as a location for enthusiasts in the quest of snow covered slopes during the fall and winter months, the Wasatch Mountain valleys and the underlying foothills of Park City Utah play host to a horde of outdoor experiences. A wealth of hidden adventures can be discovered by the diverse individual who seeks an alternative pursuit.

The relaxing and leisurely-paced fly-fishing is an ever popular pastime, with a select choice of local rivers to choose from. Peace and tranquility as you cast your fly, with the sounds of nature in its undisturbed state all around.

From the novice to the experienced, facilities are on-site to cater for all, with skilled guides and training schools. But remember you will need a Utah State Fishing license to participate.

Why not take to the valley slopes, with a horseback ride? Follow a professional guide as you travel along the beaten tracks, through the alpine meadows, surrounded by the inspiring mountain peaks. The tours provide a great opportunity to catch a glimpse of the native deer and elk.

For a two wheeled venture, saddle a mountain bike for a trek along the ridge line trails and an exciting venture exploring the great outdoors. Exercise and tranquility can be found during a leisurely afternoon.

Steady those nerves for an ”up in the air” treat, with a hot air balloon ride in the morning sun-rise. An exciting adventure as you float gently across the open skies, absorbing the breathtaking scenery and nature that fills the view below.

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An extra thrill can be sought in the form of a helicopter ride, for a sightseeing expedition over rivers and canyons. Powered or natural, take to the skies and witness the Wasatch Mountain Valleys.

Only ten miles from Park city is the Heber Valley Railroad. Step back in time, to when steam ruled the rails, and enjoy a family adventure as a passenger aboard a historic steam train. Travel in style in a vintage coach and enjoy a scenic tour as the tracks wind through the valley.

Watch out for those special excursions through the calendar, the timely planned expeditions for a Halloween treat, a night of mystery with a ”whodunnit” murder, or the ever popular ”Polar Express” for Christmas carols and an extra special ”visitor.”

Park City offers the visitor an array of pursuits, from skiing and snowboarding to outdoor activities off-piste.