Experiencing the outdoors in Park City, Utah

Park City, Utah is easily recognizable by name to anybody who likes to ski or snowboard. But what about those who don’t like to ski or are tired of falling and hurting themselves and getting embarrassed in front of their friends? The good news is that Park City Utah has a myriad of outdoor activities to offer which have absolutely nothing to do with ski slopes. It’s actually pretty amazing how many things there are to do outdoors in the fall or winter in what is typically known as a ski resort town. These activities range from the fairly basic to the completely outrageous, and every one of them is perfect for the whole family.

A nice alternative to a snowboard or two skis is a sleigh. All the best parts of skiing are there (ie: the snow, the outdoors), and no skill or effort is required. It’s all done for you by a team of beautiful Clydesdales. Rocky Mountain Outfitters, one of the best outdoors service providers in the area, even gives you a warm wool blanket when it gets really cold out, free of charge. It’s nice, it’s relaxing, and the wintry mountain and Heber Valley views are beautiful. There are also many historic wagon and horse-drawn buggy outdoor tours available, during which cowboy tales and the history of the original Utah pioneers are told. These can be arranged for big groups of up to thirty people, or a smaller (more romantic perhaps) party of two.

Unfortunately, horse-drawn buggies can sometimes be a little slow. If you need something to quench your need for speed a little faster than a couple of Clydesdales, the Utah Olympic Park just outside of Park City has exactly what you need. A multitude of activities is available to the public at the Olympic Park if you have the money to spend. Most of the activities cater to a large group outing, and the prices reflect that, some reaching upwards of five or six thousand dollars an hour for a group of 60 people. Bobsled rides are available, where a professional driver and a guest speed down an Olympic bobsled track at up to 75-85 miles per hour. Since forces sustained during this activity can reach six G’s, anyone with back or neck problems is not recommended to ride. Besides bobsleds, there is extreme snow rafting (think white water rafting except the water is hard and tipping over isn’t as fun), zip line rides, or for those who are afraid or can’t partake in any of these high speed activities, chair lift rides.

Back in Park City, there are still plenty of outdoor activities that involve neither horses or skis. Snowmobile tours, for instance, are a great way to see the beautiful outdoors at your own speed and convenience. For the more adventurous among us, there is also snowshoeing. Mountain Vista tours offers snowshoeing and hiking tours year-round, focusing on the beauty of Park City, the valley, and the surrounding area, and is a good way to stay active and see breathtaking view while on a winter visit to Park City.

Whether or not you like to ski, Park City certainly has many other great outdoor activities to offer. You can experience the outdoors at a slow trot aboard an historic horse-drawn sleigh, or at 80 miles an hour behind a professional bobsled driver. There are hiking trails, snowshoeing trails, sledding trails, and any other kind of trail you can imagine. If you are looking for a great way to experience the beautiful outdoors during the winter season, pack your bags, head to Park City, Utah, and get ready to experience nature at its finest.