A Locals Guide to Salt Lake City Utah

If you are travelling across the US on a voyage of discovery, the mining town of Salt Lake City, the capital of Utah, may not be one of the first areas that spring to mind as a place to spend some time. Also, being the physical and spiritual home of the “Mormons” you may consider it might not have anything to offer those who are not of this persuasion. But before you discard this town, pause for a moment and look at the wealth of attractions that Salt Lake has to offer.

Resting quietly in the valley between the Oquirrhs and Wasatch mountain ranges, Salt Lake City has something for everyone. For the history and culture lover there is the historic Heber Valley railroad that takes you on a journey through the valleys and canyons surrounding the town, and museums for young and old alike, which includes the interactive children’s museum of Utah.

If you want to spend some really great days out for the family, why not step back in time and experience life as it was for the early pioneer with a visit to “This is the Place State Park” and see how they lived back in the mid to late 1800’s. Listen children, just for your ears, make sure your mum and dad take to the local Zoo and Water Park.

If these attractions are not enough for the more sporting types amongst you, do not fret; there is plenty in Salt Lake City for you as well. As a spectator you can, providing you chose the right time of year, go and watch the Utah Grizzlies, champions of the International Hockey league in 1996 and 1997. Alternatively, if baseball is more you style, spend some time with the Salt Lake Bees, the local baseball time. Just to make sure that no one is left out, there is the Olympic oval where speed and figure skating, and football can be watched and participated. Oh! Did I forget to mention the golf course set in natural scenery for those of you who are Tiger Woods “wannabe’s?”

Ladies, just in case you were beginning to feel left out of all the fun and excitement, fear not! Salt Lake City has not forgotten you. Just for your delight it provides a myriad or shopping centre and malls and even factory outlets where you can have a dreamtime burning up your partner’s credit cards. So don’t forget to leave lots of space in your suitcase to take all those lovely new fashions home. Furthermore as you have been making sure that the partner and children have been having such great days, make sure you get in on the array of night time activities that beckon as the sun goes down. Be dined at one of the many quality restaurants the city has to offer, or catch a show at the theatres or nightspots. The choice is vast, from drama to ballet, opera to Jazz, and a little comedy thrown in as well; there is something for every taster.

Remember, the luxurious Hotel bedroom will wrap itself around you to provide a welcome rest when you return from an adventure filled day, preparing you for more of the same in the morning.

What is that I hear you say? Your appetite is sting not satisfied? You want more? Don’t worry! In the unlikely event that you have time left from your excitement in the City, a little further afield you can engage in trips back to nature or, if you want to battle the elements you could visit one of the ski resorts in the mountains close by.

As has been shown, Salt lake city and the surrounding area has a lot to offer even the most discerning traveller, all of which make it well worth including as a part of your “American Experience.” But I doubt you will have time to take it all in on one vacation, but you will find a welcome on your return anytime.

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