Things to do in Manchester UK during the Spring

Spring is the perfect time to go out in the city. It’s not too hot but not too cold, the ideal time to get fresh air and a good look at the place you are in. Manchester is beautiful when it comes to spring, there is a wide variety of things to do, and things to see.

Firstly, with the lovely spring weather, visiting the canal would be a great idea. In Deansgate, there are very architecturally interesting bridges over it, as well as a nice long path alongside it, which is normally relatively quiet. After, a nice refreshing walk there are also small restaurants and cafes in that area too. Perfect for just enjoying the scenery or having a small get-together with friends.

Alternatively, you can go for walks through Piccadilly Gardens where many people often stop for lunch as it is a very nice area with a fountain and lots of grassy areas. This is right near the city center and so afterwards, you can easily go shopping or sight-seeing, or simply just admiring some of the city’s older architecture.

Back in Deansgate, there are also lots of open, green, grassy areas perfect for picnics or walks. There are also, old Roman forts and various statues dotted around this area as well, so taking pictures would be ideal as the weather would also be lovely.

Again, with it being Spring, you can catch the Chinese New Year festival on the first Sunday of Spring. This is often a very popular event and one that people often travel many miles to see. After watching the festival, which goes from the Town Hall to China Town, you would have seen most of the city and so you can stop for a Chinese meal there, as there is a wide variety of Chinese restaurants in that area.

Another idea would be to visit the Urbis Center, with it being Spring, the views out of this giant glass building are often very magnificent. Similarly, a ride on the Big Wheel at this time of year also gives much better views of the city. This can be interesting and exciting for children as well as being a tourist attraction and a good idea for a date.

Finally, there are often very interesting activities going on in the Town Hall throughout Spring and so going to the Manchester City Council website, you can either get involved or just turn up for a bit of fun.

But most importantly make sure you enjoy yourself! Manchester is a city filled with activities, just waiting for you to explore them!