The best Ways to Save Money while Living in Manchester UK

Manchester, in the North West of England, is a very large city. It sprawls across quite a large area and has many suburbs. The centre of Manchester is a bustling city centre with a cosmopolitan feel. In common with other such large cities Manchester can be an expensive place to live. However it is possible to save money whilst living there.

UK vouchers

If you search the Internet you will find a host of offers available for the UK. Money supermarket is a comparison website which holds many great offers. Some of the best deals available for credit cards, restaurants, insurance, cinema and shopping can be found here. Some of the offers will relate specifically to certain UK cities and towns whilst comparing the best fuel provider will help you save money on electricity, gas and a telephone provider.


Each form of transport has some special offers. Locally towns and cities offer special bus passes, for example, that will reduce the cost of getting around. Manchester buses offer reduced rates if your purchase a discount pass. Similarly an Evening Rail Ranger ticket offers special prices for rail travel and includes some free journeys.


Accommodation can be one of the biggest expenses. If you are only staying a short while you may be able to secure a good deal. For those who will be living in Manchester for an extended period of time there are a few options. Council owned properties will offer the most affordable housing. You need to take care and make sure that you know the area well. Such housing that is easy to come by, could be because the area is not desirable. Renting a flat could be a good option but has obvious problems.

Buying a property in Manchester may be within your means. In prime parts of Manchester the houses may be expensive but in some areas the prices are currently cheap. It is possible to purchase through a housing association. This can mean that you pay part mortgage and part rent which could help you get a foot on the housing ladder.

Water rates and council tax.

Both of these are a fact of life in the UK. Non payment of Council Tax can lead to a jail sentence so it is an essential bill. If you live alone remember to claim your 25% discount on your annual council tax bill. If you have a low income you may be able to claim a reduction in the form of council tax benefit.

Water rates are usually paid annually as well but spread over eight months. Many people find that it is cheaper to have a water meter installed.

Water rates and council tax benefit will be levied according to the value of your property and where the property is located. It could be that the suburbs of Manchester enjoy lower bills. Research the totals before you move in.


If you want to save money on grocery shopping you will need to shop at supermarkets. Avoid the grocery department of Marks and Spencer or stores like Waitrose and stick to Netto, Asda, Tesco, Aldi or Lidl. These will offer only basic shopping but will save you money.


In order to save money in Manchester you need to be price aware. Get to know what the prices around the country are. That way you will know what is reasonable and what is not. If you are a student there are many special deals, such as rail cards.

Cinemas and theatres usually have at least a couple of performances that are cheaper. It may be two tickets for the price of one or a reduced price. There are some restaurants that have a fixed price for eat as much as you like meals. Some, however, offer special prices at certain times of the day. Check out the local newspapers for full details.

Overall if something sounds too expensive do not simply pay the price unless you know for certain it will not be cheaper elsewhere.