The best places to go on a first date in Manchester UK

Manchester is a beautiful city for a first date, with a wide variety of things to do. Whether your date is more interested in evening meals at fancy restaurants or more interested in daytime activities, there is a something for them in Manchester.

First, there is a brilliant range of restaurants from different cultures. Possibly the most common one would be Chinese restaurants as Manchester has a popular China town. Since it is such a large China town, there’s anything from buffet-style places to posh three-course meals to suit any budget. Slightly more into the edge of the city, quiet bars and restaurants can be found towards Deansgate and Spinningfield, higher priced but in a beautiful location.

Although if you are only in Manchester for a day and want to make the most of it, there are cute cafés near Piccadilly Gardens, a lovely scenery with a fountain and various other statues, located in the centre of town. Nearby, there is the Urbis center, a glass building with a museum inside. A creative way to get to know the city. Then across the road, you can go on the Big Wheel, one of Manchester’s newer additions, and see the entire city from a bird’s eye view. However, during Christmas seasons, the famous German Markets are located here instead. From there, you can get the free metro shuttle bus to the other side of the city where there are other museums and various interesting buildings. 

For a more casual day together, there is the massive Arndale Shopping Centre or the quieter Triangle Shopping Centre for a nice shopping trip or to grab a quick coffee. Other entertainment also include the Printworks cinema, equip with one of the biggest screens in Europe, and a large selection of restaurants and bars inside too.

If you want more of a quiet, spend-time-together and enjoy the scenery date then there are other things to do away from the city center. In Deansgate, there are Roman Forts and other historical features as well as lots of green areas if you want a cosy picnic on a nice Summer’s day. There are also a few bridges over Manchester Canal and a quiet path alongside it too. This is especially lovely on a nice Summer’s day, since there are ducks and boats along the length of the canal. At the end of the path, there are cafes and restaurants, perfect for a nice chat and getting to know your date more. 

Manchester is a very varied city with a wide range of activities for couples to do, from nice city center destinations in the evening to afternoon picnics and walks. Manchester can cater for every kind of person on their perfect first date. So why not see what good times you could have there?