What to do in Houston during Fall Season

Houston is a place to enjoy, relax and explore a multicultural environment with a touch of its own originality. It’s the heart of liquid gold what we call “gas”. A number of oil companies have their existence here which attracted a group of culturally different people across the world to make it a truly cosmopolitan city by its nature. The city is the fourth largest in the country with multiple state and interstate highways crossing each other making a bunch of geographically separate lands we call “loops,”such as inner loops and outer loops.

One will find here a unique combination of historical establishments, museums, parks, art and cultural galleries as well as multi cuisine food. A number of attractions and activities are available during fall season.

First of all, this is the cool place for exploring the history and culture of Texas. San Jacinto Museum are in the must-see list. From Mayan idols to Mexican manuscripts to Sam Houston’s private dictionary, San Jacinto museum reminds the memories behind the famous battle of the Texas Revolution and its connection with Mexico, Europe and Latin America. Besides this, San Jacinto Monument stands boldly as the world’s tallest war memorial to depict Texas’s war for independence.

Houston is famous for its connection with arts and culture. A number of museums with contemporary and fine arts depict its true identity. Houston Museum of Natural Science, Fine Arts Museum, Holocaust Museum and Children Museum are close to Downtown and exhibit a collaboration of scientific, artistic and educational resources. This is also a good place to amuse people of every age, especially the 3D and Butterfly shows at the Natural science museum. Orange Show Museum is another unique cool place to explore the local and rural art.

Close to the Natural Science museum, Herman park is a fun place for the whole family to do picnic, day outing, train riding and boating. This is also a best place to jog, bike and run. If you are a biking fan, come and enjoy.

One of the greatest attractions and crowd pleasing places in Houston is its own zoo. Everybody, especially children of all ages, can enjoy and see different animals, birds and other species.

A number of water parks, Aquarium are at your door step. Adventure Bay Water Theme Park and Downtown Aquarium are really worth mentioning. A little drive away from the city to Galveston Bay will make the family trip more enjoyable with fun around the water rides, pools, slides and fishing.

Armand Bayou Center in nearby Pasadena compliments with true Texas wildlife, native plants and hiking.

If you are an Art lover or Drama addict, Main Street or Ensemble or UH School of Theatre’s play and stage acts are quite interesting.

Miller Outdoor theatre provides a wide variety of culturally diverse performances free of charge for the public.

Johnson Space Center at NASA in southeast Houston is another must see in the To do list. It will take you to the history of space exploration with different exhibits and shows. A real interesting fun ride for at least half a day.

Sheldon Lake State Park located in northeast Houston is an outdoor recreation facility surrounding the lake.

If you are looking to spend some extra bucks and present a gift to your family and friends, come and shop at Galleria mall near Downtown.

If you are a food lover and want to taste different styles with American, Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Italian or middle eastern, come and visit Houston. I hope you won’t be disappointed specially when roaming around China Town.

Houston is also famous for its Medical facilities. A world class medical center is there to welcome people from all around the country.