Things to do in San Antonio Texas for Halloweeen

Halloween is about ghosts and goblins and things that go bump in the night. What better way, then, to celebrate this holiday than with a ghost-themed event and what better place to celebrate than one of America’s most celebrated haunted cities – San Antonio.

The most visited city in Texas, San Antonio is home to the famous Alamo and the beautiful River Walk. It is a place with no shortage of things to see and do. Ghosts, or ‘haints’ as some Texans call them, are no exception. San Antonio probably has more reputed haunted spots than any other city its size in America.

There is, for instance, the story of the railroad crossing. Supposedly, at a railroad crossing near the San Juan Mission, a bus load of school children were killed by a train in the 1930s or 1940s when the bus stalled on the tracks. According to legend, the ghosts of those children hang about near the crossing even now, pushing cars across so they don’t stall on the tracks like their bus did. Now, you can’t find any records to substantiate this claim, but this doesn’t keep thousands of people every year from making a pilgrimage to the site. Cars line up at the intersection to test the theory, and even though it appears vehicles are on an upslope, then people stop their engines and put their cars in neutral, they coast across the tracks – or so they say. True or not, what a way to pass the time on a dark Halloween night.

The haunted railroad crossing is not the only so-called ghostly location in San Antonio. The city is so famous for its ghosts, a number of outfits offer ‘Ghost Tours’ of the city. There is, for instance, the legend that many of those who fell at the Alamo during that ill-fated battle in 1936 were not properly buried, and continue to hang about because their spirits can’t find proper rest. The tours are offered year-round, but taking one on Halloween is just so ‘the thing’ to do if you’re in Texas in October.

To cap off an evening of ghost hunting, you’ll want to have a late supper at the Menger Hotel at 204 Alamo Plaza. Built in 1859 by William Menger on the site of his brewery – the first brewery in the state, it’s one of the oldest hotels in the state, and definitely the longest operating. Once known as the finest hotel west of the Mississippi River, it played host to a number of famous people, including Sam Houston, President U.S. Grant, Babe Ruth and Mae West. The Menger is reputed to be home to a number of earth-bound unearthly spirits, including that of Teddy Roosevelt. The Menger’s ghosts reportedly are totally benign, going about their business and ignoring the living guests with whom they share space. The ghost people most often report seeing is Sallie White, a hotel chambermaid, whose husband beat her and caused her death in 1976. Sallie reportedly continues to go about her cleaning duties in the Victorian wing of the hotel, even today. Another famous, and often seen, ghost is Captain Richard King, founder and original owner of the King Ranch, the biggest cattle ranch in Texas. He spent the last days of his life in the Menger, and his funeral service was held in the hotel parlor.

These are but two of the more interesting things visitors can do in San Antonio at Halloween. One thing’s for sure, Halloween in the most haunted city in Texas is an experience you’re not likely to forget.