Things to do in Houston with Children

I have lived in Houston, Texas for more than 25 years and it is huge. The attraction for children is out of sight. Houston use to be the home of Astroworld, a theme park that children can go to for rides, shows, and concessions, but San Antonio bought it. Though we have lost a star in our eyes and the tears have not bought it back, there are so many more attractions for children that you will love to be a part of.

One special place we have here is ITZ. ITZ has two locations around Houston. You buy the buffet to get in and enjoy a children’s movie while they eat. They usually play cartoons such as The Incredibles or Beauty and the Beast. Then there are games and bumper cars. Some of the games are educational and then others are just fun and challenging. There is also a ride that goes up to the ceiling and then down to the floor extremely fast. Oh, did I mention that everything is indoors. The bumper cars, the ride, movie, buffet, everything. It is the coolest place for children and adults. At the end, you have a chance to win tickets when you play the games. You turn them in for cool prizes and gifts. The tickets and money is given to you when you purchase a buffet. You buy a card so that it will be easier to keep track of money and tickets. You might want to try it out.

Another cool place to take your children would be to Dave and Busters. Dave and Busters is a little more classy with gourmet meals such as Italian, American, and salad. You order your food in the dining area in one side and the other has games and entertainment. Sometimes you will hear someone singing or they will have music over the speaker. There are a lot of fun activities for the children and many people have their birthday parties here as well.

Everyone in Houston knows that one of our main attractions is the Houston Zoo. Not only are there animals to see but they have paddling, boat rides, and entertainment. Admissions are affordable and it is rather large. Concession stands are throughout the park. At the entrance is a lake where you can take your children paddling or go on a boat ride. Down the way is a stage where they hold concerts, music, and/or performances. It is a nice area for picnics after a long walk through the zoo. During lunch time, you can leave and have a picnic and then come back. This is both educational and fun for the children.

With so many attractions in Houston, I can’t just tell them all to you. Houston is a big city and you are going to enjoy every minute of it.