The best Mexican Restaurants in El Paso Tx

What could possibly be one of the biggest attractions in El Paso? El Paso in Texas, like many cities in the U.S. has a wide range of restaurants. Cuisine tastes range from Mexican to American to Italian and also to Fast Foods and Latin American. But the best selections are from the Mexican restaurants with the authentic Mexican touch.

Listed below is a guide to some of the major Mexican Restaurants in El Paso based on their popularity.

# 1. El Taco Tote

This is more of a Spanish Mexican restaurant where English is minimally spoken. Although the food is quite pricey, the quality of the food is outstanding. Freshly grilled meat, corn tortillas and types of salsas are exceptionally good at El Taco Tote’s. They serve some of the best tacos in the area.

There are four Al Taco Tote outlets in El Paso. They are located at 9933 Kenworthy, 7101 N. Mesa, 9910 Montana Avenue and at 1461 N. Zaragoza.

At El Taco Tote’s customers are encouraged to build their own tacos from a range of meat, tortillas, salsas and condiments.

# 2. El Zocalo Restaurant

This Mexican restaurant is situated at 504 South Stanton Street, El Paso 79901. The pricing is fair, quality of food good and the service by staff friendly and prompt. The place is fairly neat and has a warm and welcoming feel. Chinese and Korean foods are also served here.

# 3. Cafe Central

Cafe Central is a typical chain restaurant. Those who are looking for exclusive private dining are not advised to visit here. Apart from that the place and decor are good.

Menus change with the season and there is a list of items exclusive to lunch dinners and desserts. There is also a good selection of wine on the menu. It is basically a Mexican style restaurant, its mother restaurant in Mexico dating back to the 1930s.

# 4. Leo’s Mexican Food Restaurant

This Mexican Restaurant is located at 315 E Mills Avenue in El Paso, TX 79901. They are over 30 years old and have many outlets especially in the southern part of the U.S. It is famous for its red sauce and shrimp and chicken fajitas. The dcor and price aren’t too great but the food and service are pretty outstanding. It is a favourite for the locals of El Paso although new comers and tourists generally are not very impressed on their first visits. Older customers find it very comfortable here especially when the staff serve regular customers with personalized service.

# 5. La Malinche

La Malinche is located at 301, Texas Avenue in El Paso, 79901. Some of the favourite dishes on the menu that are appreciated by many are the burritos, beef caldo, chuleta ranchera, mole and chile colorado. Tacos and enchiladas are also very well prepared here. The price is very good, the quality of service excellent with staff trying to remember customer names and also the dcor and ambience cozy and welcoming. It is a must visit destination even for a tourist apart from the usual haunt of locals. It is also a very friendly restaurant for families.

Some other restaurants in El Paso are Rafas Burritos, Puerto Vallarta Grill, Taco Bell, Su Casa Restaurant, Carnitas & Burritos Yoni and El Paso Club, to name a few. Most of these mentioned restaurants are family friendly while some of them are ideal as night clubs and are recommended only for adult crowd.

It is easy to find a good Mexican Restaurant in El Paso. Being down south, close to Mexico, one is sure to find an ideal restaurant with authentic Mexican food styles. For those who have not visited El Paso, visit here to experience a good combination of American life with the Mexican touch.