The best Cafes in Downtown El Paso Tx

Cafes in Downtown El Paso, TX

Downtown in El Paso, Texas has some attractive cafes. One could just hang out there for a cup of steaming hot coffee or munch on a doughnut. A guide to some of the best cafes in Downtown El Paso is given below.

# 1. Cafe Central

Caf Central has a range of beverages to choose from. Should you decide to go on an outing by yourself, with your family or your friends, Caf Central has a good cup of coffee for everyone. Apart from this, this chain caf / restaurant offers fine dining which makes for a good spot to escape to. The decor, ambiance and service are quite good.

Menus change time to time to give the customer a new palate experience. Apart from the good selection of beverages, there is also an attractive range of wines. Cafe Central dates back to the early 1930s making them a well established cafe / restaurant chain.

# 2. Singapore Cafe

Singapore Cafe (coffee shop and restaurant) is basically place that serves Chinese, Thai and Javanese food. Besides the ethnic Asian cuisine, this cafe also has a range of beverages to offer which Oriental touches from the east.

The Thai Coffee is a mix of strong eastern coffee along with milk and vanilla. Those who are coffee lovers generally like to have a cup of steaming hot Thai Coffee occasionally. Raspberry-Iced Tea is another specialty. The regular selection of coffee also includes espresso and decaf. Tea beverages range from regular to green tea to also oolong and scented teas.

# 3. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts is a chain cafe outlet which is found in many countries around the world. They offer their special doughnuts along with an amazing range of coffees. Generally one has a hard time deciding which is best.

Coffee Roasts: The Coffee Roasts collection of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts offers four types of coffee; Smooth, Rich, Bold and Robust Decaf. Smooth Coffee is generally light and sweet, while Rich Coffee is aromatic. Bold Coffee is not necessarily bitter but can be strong and intense. Robust Decaf is the most loved of all and is quite a cup in itself. It is strong, bitter and a typical class of decaffeinated coffee.

Espresso Drinks: Krispy Kreme Doughnuts offers a selection of Espresso drinks ranging from Lattes to Mochas and to Kaffe Kreme and Cappuccinos. Kaffe Kreme is a mix of espresso coffee with a lot of milk blended in. Mochas is a beautiful combination of Espresso and chocolate along with milk. Cappuccino is an intense coffee with a blend of milk and topped with milk froth. Latte is a milder drink to cappuccino and has less milk froth. It is also sweeter and can have added flavors according to choice.

# 4. Corner Bakery Caf

Corner Bakery Caf in Downtown, El Paso, is a good location to just have a cup of coffee or even have a meal. It is a restaurant with a selection of cappuccino, espressos and regular decaf coffee. It is located at 1350, George Dieter, El Paso TX -79936.

# 5. Starbucks

For most Americans, Starbucks has come to be synonymous with coffee. Starbucks specializes in the different types of coffees and has an amazing selection of coffee beans from around the world. There are eight Starbucks outlets in Downtown, El Paso, alone and it goes to show that they have grown because their coffee has become a much loved part of the American life style.

The Whole Bean Coffee selection of Starbucks has twenty nine items on the menu. It ranges from mild to strong and from light to dark. One can find a whole range of coffee types based on location source. There’s Gazebo Blend and Rwanda Coffee which is African-Arabian while the Organic Serena Blend is Multi- Regional.

The Instant Coffee selection of Starbucks is made up of two types; Columbia and Italian Roast. Columbian Coffee has a strong walnut-like flavor. Italian Roast is known for its dark and strong Arabica coffee.

It is not difficult to find a caf in Downtown, El Paso. Make a turn at any road and you will find a nice place to take a coffee break. Enjoy the sights and sounds of El Paso over a cup steaming hot coffee. Enjoy the cafes at Downtown, El Paso, Texas.