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Austin plays host to several music festivals throughout the year. Additionally there are many other non-music festivals which incorporate music into the event. Music is everywhere in Austin and everywhere there is music.

This article is going to be about the grandaddy of Austin Music Festivals: SXSW.

SXSW Music Festival! By now, it is almost  a household word for anyone who knows and loves live music. For those who are not familiar with SXSW, it is a huge music festival held the middle of every March in Austin, Texas. And it is coming up.

And what a festival. Music is everywhere. Sometimes, there is almost too much. Most clubs and restaurants have music. There is music in the parks, parking lots and retail stores. Everywhere you go, there is music. But it is not just the music. It is very good to excellent music.

Some of the musicians and bands are not well known and hoping to get discovered.  Other bands are very well known and famous. Bands come in from all over the world – every part of the globe to play to very appreciative fans, also from every part of the globe. It has become an international happening.

Music begins around 11 am every day and runs to about 2 or 3 am the next morning. While some of the evening and night time shows require a cover charge, the good news is that there is literally hordes of free music all day and night long. You do not have to pay to hear excellent music. 

However, there have been some problems in the past, especially last year. Excitement hangs in the air and sometimes erupts. Thousands of mostly young people pour into downtown Austin and its surrounding neighborhoods. There is overcrowding. There is frenzy, madness and chaos. There were some stampedes last year, some injuries and some arrests.

SXSW is doing their best to prevent similar problems in 2012. SXSW brought in a crowd control expert for advice and guidance after the mayhem of 2011. Meetings were held between SXSW and city officials and plans have been laid as to how to best control the crowds.

If you even think that you might be coming, you should make your travel plans immediately. Hotels will be sold out. It will be just as difficult to get a plane or train reservation coming or going.

Some great places to hear free live music include Waterloo Records, Whole Foods, Jo’s Coffee Shop on South Congress and Threadgill’s Restaurant among many others. The places mentioned in the previous sentence are among the favorites of the local Austin community. Besides hearing good music, these are good people watching venues. South Congress, also known as SoCo, is several blocks long consisting of clubs, restaurants and retail store. Most business will be hosting shows day and night during SXSW.

Information will be readily available as to what bands are playing on what day and time in print media. Many businesses will have boards in front with information as to what bands are playing each day and what time. There are often changes and these boards will keep fans updated.

If at all possible, it is recommended that one register for the conference itself. It is not cheap and will cost about $700.00. But for your $700, you will get access to the panels, workshops and showcases. You will get access to innumerable parties, concerts, shows and a huge trade show with a day stage. You will get a goody bag, a program and a badge. There are lounges for registrants with food and drinks. It is possible that between the lounges, parties and freebies, you will not have to buy any additional food or drink during the festival.

Along with all of this, you will find yourself meeting and socializing with musicians and those who work in the music industry as well as die hard fans. It is a good way to network and connect.

Be prepared to have a wonderful time hearing great music and meeting new people. But do not forget to pack your patience. As said in an earlier paragraph, it will be very exciting, very crowded and very chaotic.