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Like most major cities, San Antonio offers a vast array of things to do, places to see, and food to eat. So much so that all of it can seem a bit overwhelming for earthly visitors burdened by the gastric limitations of a single stomach who are still bound by the traditional laws of space and time.

The Riverwalk and downtown area of San Antonio are jammed with hundreds of restaurants, shops, bars, museums and theaters, all clamoring for your patronage. Likely you are already aware of some of the more prominent attractions, and any quick Internet search will lead you to a variety of generic travel guide information sites replete with advertisements sponsored by the tourism council and its affiliated corporations, but the savvy traveler suspects what this local knows – that bigger and more crowded isn’t necessarily better that many of the best places to visit don’t need to advertise.

Take the Buckhorn Saloon and Museum for example. Located on Houston Street near the Alamo, the Buckhorn boasts the largest collection of horns and stuffed “critters and varmints” in the world, a 120 year-old saloon where Teddy Roosevelt recruited Rough Riders and Pancho Villa purportedly cooked up the Mexican Revolution that plays theater, and a curio shop dubbed “The Oddest Store in the World”. Definitely worth checking out.

After leaving the Buckhorn, and after the sun goes down, those who aren’t faint of heart should set out to explore San Antonio’s dark and haunted history by going on an Alamo Ghost Hunt. As educational as it is spine tingling, the tours are led by well informed locals who will guide you on a tour highlighted by cemeteries, battlefields, old hotels, an old Spanish palace, two of the city’s oldest hanging trees, and the Alamo itself while telling tale of local legends and spooky ghosts.

But what about the food? Though the first thing that comes to mind when you think of San Antonio are the barbecue and steaks, and the Texas Land and Cattle Steak House won’t disappoint with its mouth watering food, comfortable ambience and gorgeous view of the Riverwalk at prices that are 40-50% lower than other. More ostentatious locales serving similar fare nearby, downtown is brimming with excellent restaurants serving a wide variety of food. Rosario’s on Alamo Street and Lulu’s on Travis both serve delicious and affordable Mexican/Tex-Mex complimented by free chips and salsa the way it’s supposed to be.  While slightly off the beaten Riverwalk path lies Luca Ristorante possibly the best Italian joint in town.

Finally, when your aching feet are barking and you need a drink to unwind, head over to Waxy O’Conners, a truly authentic Irish pub on the Riverwalk accentuated by its nightly Irish dancing, hospitality, and dark mahogany bar that was built in Ireland and crated to the States.

Good luck, and enjoy San Antonio!