NASA Johnson Space Center

Kids and adults all love NASA Johnson Space Center. Visitors to Houston, Texas will find their interest in the NASA space program answered with up to the date information, great exhibits, a good variety of simulators, plenty of time to connect with people who work or worked with the space program, and fun activities. This is a don’t miss adventure that recognizes the ongoing contributions of many scientists, engineers and others that work in jobs related to space. These tips will help you plan your trip in order to make the most of a visit at the NASA Johnson Space Center.

Official NASA Johnson Space Center Hotels

Many hotels in the area around NASA Johnson Space Center (near the Baybrook Mall at the El Dorado Boulevard exit off of I-45) are affiliated with the visitor center. This means that they sell tickets to the NASA Johnson Space Center at a discount over ticket prices at the door, a mere 15 minutes away and saving about $3 per ticket. The hotels also pass on the news about where to park and warning visitors to show up just before opening time at 10 a.m. and getting in line for a 90-minute tram tour.

Do You Just See Buildings on the NASA Johnson Space Center Tram Tour?

Tour guides and tram drivers at the NASA Johnson Space Center take you to three buildings while winding among the many work centers. The Mission Control Center is the center of the entire complex where both the Historic Mission Control Center and the Current Mission Control Center operates. A lecturer explains the jobs performed by the Mission Control Center. Next stop is at the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility where you can see how to use the Space Station robot arm, docking station, escape slides, exercise gear and much more. The Space Vehicle Mockup Facility is worth the time spent on the tram tour. Visitors are awed at the Saturn V stored in the Saturn V Complex at Rocket Park, and the prize bulls and the grove of trees planted to honor NASA personnel lost in accidents.

Where do I see Astronauts?

Level 9 Tour attendees are guaranteed a lunch time visit where the astronauts dine. Unofficially, the famous gourmet hamburger restaurant Fuddruckers just outside the NASA Johnson Space Center is visited by astronauts often. More importantly, visitors see astronauts on the Tram Tour, in the Blast Off Theater, and wherever they happen to work.

Will my children get restless?

Of course, children get restless and have a limited attention span. To burn off their excess energy, let your kids run and play through the Kid’s Play Space between other exhibits. The climbing areas and exhibits will keep them feeling like they launched into space. Also, the NASA Johnson Space Center has numerous virtual reality stations and exhibits that cost extra to try out and let you soar, travel in time and more.

We’ve visited the NASA Johnson Space Center before, why should I go?

A new exhibit titled Treasure will bring out the pirate in all your space-going family members. See the pirate and his pet monkey and treasure, some from under the sea, in several exhibits that allow visitors to touch and feel.

Plenty of parking, clean restrooms, a nice snack area and picnic area will keep you coming back to the NASA Johnson Space Center again.