Motorized Transportation in Houston Tx

Houston is one of the United States’ largest cities responsible for a great part of the country’s income. Motorized transportation is very important for the continued economic growth of any city. The forms of transport available in Houston can be grouped into: automobiles, The Metropolitan Transit Authority’s buses,lift vans, and light rail and air transport.
Automobiles are the most favored means of transport. This is because the public transport system does not connect suburbs to the greater city. There is an expansive network of freeways and expressways that link different parts of the city. Also present is the toll way which collects money from the users in order to improve the highway, expand or provide services such as the Toll way Assistance Program which offers help to motorists who may encounter problems while using the toll way. During rush hours, High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes are opened for carpools or vans in order to reduce traffic in the main lanes. The media cites automobiles as a great source of pollution in cities and for this reason, cars that reduce fuel energy consumption have been developed.
METRO provides two major services to the Houston public. The first is the bus system that consists of public buses, trolleys and lift vans. The bus service links various suburb areas to the downtown area. It is an efficient means of reducing traffic through the park and ride structure, where commuters can park their cars and ride the bus to the greater city areas where they work. The trolleys and lift vans offer movement options through different downtown areas.
Another one of the services that METRO provides is the most recently introduced light rail structure. This is a way to connect downtown Houston to the Texas Medical Center and Reliant Park. The rail is undergoing a ten year expansion plan that will enable it to be linked to more areas such as the University of Houston.
One of the most important forms of transport in Houston is by air. There are three major airports. The first is the George Bush Intercontinental, which is among the largest and busiest in the country and a. The airport has flights to all continents, making it the sixth busiest airport in the world and one of the fastest growing. There are plans to increase worldwide destinations.
The second airport is Hobby located in the southern side of town. Most business people prefer it to Intercontinental for shorter flights which are mostly domestic. Hobby airport was actually built before Intercontinental but due to expansion limitations, most of the services were moved to the new airport. The third is Ellington Field which is mostly used by government and private planes.
As the years go by, factors such as increased population growth and the need for increased consumption create a necessity for improved means of transportation and Houston is by all means keeping up with the times.