Militaria in Dallas

Militaria is an incredibly exciting line of collecting for history lovers. The ability to have actual pieces of military history in your hands is something that people spend plenty of time and money on. Dallas is a great place to find plenty of great pieces of militaria, and here are some of the best places to start looking.

Jackson Armory, 3416 Rosedale, Dallas, TX 75205

Jackson Armory is a high-end gun store located near the campus of Southern Methodist University. They have a wide selection of military rifles, including Civil War, World War I, and World War II rifles and pistols. Their pricing is on the higher side, but the quality is also higher than many of the same rifles found in other stores. They also have a fairly large selection of swords, bayonets, and knives, with a few helmets for sale. They also carry a large selection of modern firearms, as well as ammunition.

Recon Militaria, 9917 Garland Rd, Dallas, TX 75218

Recon Militaria is a great spot for all things militaria. Owner DJ Goodwin has been dealing in militaria for three decades, and has been operating this store for 16 years. The bulk of his collection for sale is in American and German militaria from the World Wars, but also carries items from the Cold War era. The most impressive part of his shop is the German WWII items located under the glass counter in front of his register. He has a few firearms for sale, although the magnificent condition they are in do not make them cheap…or something that you would want to take to the range often for fear of ruining them. He is willing to negotiate on the price of his items, and is more eager to if you are buying several items at once.

This is not just a great place to shop though. DJ’s vast knowledge on militaria makes him a great teacher if you want to ask about items that you have never seen before, or just to learn more about an item. He can even show you a few examples of fake items, and then show you how to tell that they are faked.His store is a daily hangout of several retired veterans, and they can be found across his counter smoking cigars, drinking, and telling war stories and lies with DJ. They are very eager to make new friends and let you share in their conversation. Being a part of this might just get you a better deal as well.

DJ does not accept debit or credit cards. He feels that the fees are too high, so he accepts cash or check. Keep that in mind, but he has a strange ability to sense just how much cash is in your wallet.

M’antiques, 424 W. Davis, Dallas, Texas 75208

M’antiques is not just a militaria shop, but a self-styles antiques store for men. The store is full of everything from militaria to antique fishing rods. The militaria selection is not huge, but they do have some great examples, such as pairs of trench art vases. There is complimentary beer and whiskey here, a plus when shopping for man cave items.

Dallas Arms Collectors Gun Show, Dallas Market Hall, 2200 North Stemmons Freeway  Dallas, TX 75207

This is one of the largest gun shows in existence, and also has quite a few militaria dealers. The main draw here is Nazi German items, but there is a fair selection of American, British, and Soviet items that can usually be found. This show is almost monthly, so be sure to stop in when they are running, as you might find a great deal from one of the vendors.

These locales are great spots to pick up a great deal on great militaria items, and you might just learn a bit at a few of them. Check them out and be ready to expand your collection.