Lots of Great Sandwich Choices

What a great name for a tea house and café, Madhatters . It is every bit as interesting as its name would imply. There are three dining areas in this café though the back room was closed when we were there.

The idea is quite simple. You get a menu from one of the employees and find a table. You then decide what you are going to try and go to the cashier and order. If you are having hot tea, then stop by and pick up your cup and saucer. When you food is ready it will be delivered to your table.

We were debating the pros and cons of ordering the high tea and the afternoon tea. Both are $18 for two people. The high tea gives you three types of sandwiches, a scone to share and 2 petit feures. The afternoon tea has cream cheese and smoked salmon sandwiches and cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches, 2 scones and two petit feures. I don’t like salmon and Joe didn’t want to share a scone. Al didn’t want to eat so we twisted his arm.

We decided it was every man for him or herself. Al got the club sandwich, I ordered the cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches from the tea menu and Joe got a cup of pumpkin soup and half of an egg salad sandwich. Joe and I both got a pot of English breakfast tea and we also both ordered the 4 berry cobbler served warm with ice cream.

We went happily back to our table to wait for our feast. It wasn’t long in arriving. First the teas in very different and eclectic pots arrived. Then came Al’s sandwich, I have never seen the like, it was huge, I mean two man huge. Even Al who is a good eater was intimidated by this behemoth. Ham, turkey,  bacon, tomato lettuce and huge slices of bread and excellent flavor to boot. My sandwich were served crustless with a sliced strawberry in the center of the plate, these were not only pretty but very delicious sandwiches. Joe’s half an egg salad sandwich was also huge but the cup of soup was normal size.

The four berry cobbler was served in small cups very warm with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream. It was perfect, not too sweet with loads of berry flavor.

If having tea is not your idea of a good time don’t despair their menu offers plenty of other options. As I have stated the sandwiches certainly are generous, there are salads and burgers and lots of vegetarian choices as well. The dessert case was also loaded with pies and cakes and all sorts of very delicious looking items. They open early in the morning and served breakfast as well. I am almost sorry that we will be getting breakfast at our B&B because I would have liked to try some of the things that they offer here.