Czech Stop

While Interstate 35 between Austin and Dallas may be plagued with bad traffic and speed traps, there is a gem that travelers along this stretch have been visiting for years. The Czech Stop, located just off the highway by Bush’s Chicken in West, is a great place to gas up, eat up, and pick up snacks for the road and home,

West, located just north of Waco, is one of many small towns founded by Central European immigrants. Plenty of other Czech and German settlements in Texas still have their original flair, but few are located along major highways for everyone to enjoy on a regular basis. It has several other stops, including Czech restaurants and a Czech hotel, but the Czech Stop is by far the best and most accessible place for fuel, a freshly made sandwich, and plenty of Czech and Central Texas treats.

The Czech Stop is large, and very hard to miss from the highway. The exit can come up pretty suddenly if you don’t know which one it is, so make sure you look for the signs. There are several on both sides of the highway the closer you get, so they are pretty hard to miss.

The parking lot is large, with plenty of spaces lined up in front and beside the store, as well as beside the pumps. Plenty of gas pumps mean that you never have to wait too long to fill up your tank. The large wooden store front is welcoming, with cartoon Czechs in traditional garb.

The right side of the store is the bakery, which is the place to go if you will be purchasing kolaches, cookies, pies, or their varieties of artisan bread in quantity. The left side of the store has the various things you are used to seeing in a gas station, such as drinks, chips, jerky, oil, tobacco, etc. It has much more as well. The counter extends past the registers to a large case full of kolaches (meat and fruit), cookies, pie, and sandwiches. Several microwaves behind the counter are there for the staff to warm up your order if you wish.

Their store is also full of things like candy made in house, including odd but tasty treats like jalapeno peanut brittle, bread, and a whole freezer full of sausages. The drink fountain has plenty of favorites, and they give free drinks to police and military members.

The staff, and just about everyone else in the store for that matter, is always friendly. The restrooms are clean, just like the rest of the Czech Stop It is a must for anyone who travels down I-35 frequently, and one stop will probably lead to more.