Best Companies to Work for in Houston Tx

Houston, Texas is another city in the United States in which many companies like to set up their headquarters. It doesn’t matter your field, there is always a company that will suit your needs. However, there is only a handful of companies which stand above all the others to be considered among the best companies to work for in Houston, TX.

If you are environmentally conscious, Houston, Texas is a leading city in wind energy. NextEra Energy is another wonderful company to work for. The benefits are amazing. Aside from health, dental, and vision insurance, they also offer life insurance, 401k, and a pension plan. They have a variety of paid time off packages as well.

NextEra Energy is also concerned about your well being. They offer an on-site gym, fitness classes, weight management classes, health seminars and more. They also cover preventive health coverage such as routine physicals, nutrition counseling, and much more.

Whether you are a rocket scientist, engineer, or an office professional, NASA is the place to work. Houston is home to Johnson Space Flight Center. Johnson specializes in aerospace, planetary science, robotics, neuroscience, and biotechnology. They have excellent healthcare, vision, and dental packages. Their pension programs are good as well.

For those in the medical field, Methodist West Houston Hospital is the best hospital to work for. Since 2006, this hospital has made the Washington Post’s Fortune 100 companies list. This hospital’s first goal is to ensure the satisfaction of not only the patients, but the employees as well. The staff prides themselves on being professional and courteous at all times. Their benefits package is quite competitive, too. The cafeteria food is actually rather good. The price isn’t bad either.

SYSCO is the leader in food service marketing and distribution for North America. Aside from the normal medical and life insurance choices, SYSCO also offers stock options, paid leave, retirement planning, tuition assistance, and the list goes on. One thing unique to this Houston based company is the referral bonus system. For every employee you refer, you can earn a bonus of $500 to $2,500. That’s quite the incentive.

There’s a variety of positions from administrative, marketing, accounting, food service, warehouse position, and so much more. There is a job type for almost everyone at SYSCO.

All of these companies listed have great retirement packages. Therefore it is wise to invest a career at one of these places instead of just looking for a job. Their benefit packages stand above all others as well. These companies reward their employees with not only great benefits but piece of mind to build a life upon.