Where’s the best Patio Restaurant with a View in Nashville Tn

Spring has sprung and it’s on! The never-ending quest for cool patios for dining or enjoying your fav beverage has begun. How many times have you said “What a great night to be out on a patio somewhere enjoying a drink!”? Too many to count, no doubt.

So many cool patios in Nashville and so much time to enjoy them! Whether you are headed back from an event at Gaylord, a game at LP Field, a long day at work or just party-bound-Nashville has a lot of great patio offerings.

Sometimes it’s all about the view. Of course, what constitutes a ‘view’ is subjective. A view of the parking lot? A view of a brick wall? That’s where we come in!

Take some of the guesswork out of your search with our helpful tips on the type of view these venues offer:


507 – 12th Ave S

Nashville TN

(615) 254-2000 .

View: This contemporary venue boasts a large patio with a first-rate view of ‘The Gulch’ district

Vibe: The perfect destination restaurant for a special occasion. A little hard on the wallet-but easy on the eyes and tastebuds


601 – 12th Ave.

Nashville TN

(615) 248-2888

View: Located in ‘The Gulch’ district. Sambuca’s 2nd floor patio is tastefully furnished with comfy, modern furniture

Vibe: Live music. A great place to impress a date.

Copper Kettle

94 Peabody St

Nashville TN

(615) 742-5545

View: Downtown Nashville skyline

Vibe: Very casual vibe. A ‘Meat & Three” style fare with added variety. A fav brunch spot for Nashvillians


911 – 20th Ave S .

Nashville TN

(615) 321-3043

View: Nestled among trees (literally designed around trees) in a quiet neighborhood setting

Vibe: New York local bar feel. A bit pricey, but food is excellent with innovative menu choices and great presentation.

South Street

907 – 20th Ave S

Nashville, TN

(615) 320-5555

View: Neighboring restaurant to Bound’ry, South Street enjoys same quiet neighborhood view

Vibe: Crabshack/Smokehouse/Cool Dive Bar vibe

Rippy’s Bar & Grill

429 Broadway
Nashville TN

(615) 244-7477

View: Great view of the comings and goings on Broadway in downtown Nashville. Great after-game venue.

Vibe: Very casual. Smokehouse/Grill. A little pricey, but you’re paying for the view

The Acorn

114 – 28th Ave N

Nashville TN

(615) 320-4399

View: 2nd floor patio nestled in the treetops. Great rooftop, covered patio. Two full bars.

Vibe: Comfortable furnishings. Classy atmosphere. Great food.