Where’s a Great Romantic Italian Restaurant in Nashville Tn

…Sole Mio is the romantic tale of three cities… New York girl meets Italian boy on the beautiful Italian Riviera. They fall madly in love, marry and open a restaurant on the shores of the Adriatic Coast. Their love affair continues with a move to Nashville and … POOF! Sole Mio is born – where the taste of Northern Italy and the Nashville Skyline met and fell in love!

…A moment of silence for women everywhere to catch their breath

Hands-on owners, Carlo and Debra Agnoletti know the importance of showing a strong presence in their restaurant. Carlo works his magic in the kitchen and Debra oversees the business aspects of the restaurant. Lee Fawver (a veteran in the restaurant industry in Nashville) has only been the General Manager at Sole Mio since July of 2008, but has already made his mark on the restaurant. Lee’s relaxed and friendly management style keeps the restaurant flowing smoothly, while simultaneously making the guests feel welcome.
One of my evenings at Sole Mio was spent having dinner with a friend (with a discriminating palate that rivals my own). I, having been a restaurant & catering business owner – she, being a seasoned concierge for a major hotela restaurant usually doesn’t stand a chance when the two of us join forces. We expect a restaurant to provide flavorful, fresh food (at a fair price); doesn’t seem like a lot to ask . Food that meets or exceeds the description on the menu; (sometimes) too much to ask! Too many restaurants just can’t back up the claims they make on their menu.

The flavorful dishes at Sole Mio are creative without sacrificing authenticity. Let’s face it, Sole Mio is quite possibly the closest some of us will ever come to Italy! So, it’s nice to know that there is someplace in Nashville that offers us a taste of Northern Italian culture. Someplace that offers an inviting, unintimidating environment to explore the flavors of a far-off country known for its romantic allure.

I realize I may very well have lost 90% of my female readers right after they read the opening to this article (as I’m sure they ran off to pack their bags for Italy!)For those who stuck around to read rest of the article, take heart in knowing that a trip to Sole Mio will give you a taste of Italy you won’t soon forget. Authentic flavors and a diverse wine selection – coupled with warm, personal service makes Sole Mio a must for destination dining.

Mention Examiner.com and receive your choice of 10% off your meal – or FREE dessert with purchase of two entrees. Tell them Dana sent you andwell, I can’t be held responsible for what happens after that!

Sole Mio also offers half-off select bottles of wine on Sundays.

Reservations are recommended – Sole Mio offers online reservations (and driving directions)

311 Third Ave So
Nashville, TN
(615) 256-4013
(One Block South of Symphony Hall on Third Ave)

Tues -Thurs (& Sun) 11am – 10pm
Fri & Sat 11am – 11pm