Where can i Find a Restaurant in Nashville Tn that Offers Free Wifi

As a writer, oftentimes I need to get as much done as possible in one sitting. This means combining exercise with brainstorming; driving with brainstorming – and (more often than not) writing/researching with eating. Combining my love for writing and my second love (eating!), restaurants who offer wifi are a natural choice for me. It provides future material for my article-writing, a place to hang out and write and (of course) nourishment.

Because of this increasing demand for wifi in public areas, many restaurants and businesses advertise free wifi. While you enjoy the other services they offer, you are given access to their wireless internet service.

-Does that make it free?

-Do they charge you for it? -No.

-Is it free? -Technically, yes.

-Really? -No.

It is becoming increasingly common for businesses to ‘secure’ their wifi with passwords-requiring a purchase to relinquish the password. Well, how terrible! A business that wants to make money and offer you more value for your dollar! As business owners, it’s not practical for them to let you take up one of their tables unless you are going to make a purchase.

I am always amazed when I hear someone complain about being required to make a purchase to use wifi. Really? Try imagining someone coming into your place of business and hanging out in the lobby without ‘doing business’ with you. You would probably politely ask them to leave. Most businesses do not permit loitering – so, it’s hardly unreasonable for them to expect you to make a purchase if you are going to ‘hang out’.

It’s really a great marketing tool. Anyone who relies on their laptop and the internet to do business and/or keep connected is apt to frequent a venue that advertises ‘wifi’. It’s no different than businesses that put a TV in their lobby. Are they going to let you sit in the lobby and watch their television without ‘doing business’ with them? I think not.

If it pains you to sink money into a corporate conglomerate’s wallet, by all means patronize your favorite locally owned/operated restaurant.

Below is a taste of some of Nashville’s popular wifi hotspots with-a-bite:

Panera Bread 406-21st Avenue Nashville TN (615) 320-1500

Fido 1812 – 21st Avenue Nashville TN (615) 777-3436

Caf Coco 210 Louise Avenue Nashville TN (615) 321-2626

More wifi hotspots with-a-bite…

Other businesses in Nashville who offer ‘free’ wifi…

If nothing else, hit your local library (but, I’ve got news for you – that isn’t free either…your tax dollars hard at work!)