Touring the Yazoo Brewery Nashville Tennessee

If you have a free Saturday in Nashville, see what’s brewing at Yazoo Brewery. Whether you are a beer enthusiast, a brewing enthusiast, or a curious admirer, there is a lot to see.

Currently housed in the former Marathon Motor Works building, the history of the building is almost as fascinating as the beer itself. The “Detroit of the South” made the first cars produced in the South between 1910 and 1914. The market for these automobiles diminished due to expenses to create the cars.

There is work being done to set up a new brewery in October 2009. Unfortunately for the building, Yazoo Brewery is growing. Fortunately for Yazoo, their success means a larger working space. It also affords them the opportunity to brew more than four times more beer at this new location.

Tours are only available on Saturday afternoons. You will get to walk through parts of the brewery and get a lesson the brewing. What better way to learn about Yazoo beer than walking through the process? You won’t walk away empty handed either. With your tour, you get to sample Yazoo beers and you’ll receive a complimentary Yazoo pint glass.

Yazoo beer is handcrafted. The Pale Ale offers the palate a spicy, citrusy flavor. The Hefeweizen won the Gold Medal at the Colorado American Brewers Festival in 2004. Another great option is the Sly Rye Porter. Paired with a crme brule, it makes the perfect dessert beer.

The Yazoo Tap Room is the perfect reason to visit the Yazoo Brewery. Open on Thursday and Friday from 4:00pm until 8:00pm and Saturday from 2:00pm until 8:00pm, the Tap Room is the best underground happy hour in Nashville. You can sample all the popular Yazoo beers here. You fine beer experience can only be enhanced by the Provence bread and selection of local cheeses.

If you don’t have time to sit and have a beer in the Tap Room, grab a half-gallon “growler” of fresh beer to take home. The to-go growler refills are a booming business in itself. To get a taste of something new, you only need to ask for the Brewmaster’s Special.

Linus and Lila Hall, the owners, understand the importance of enhancing the beer’s flavors with food pairings. The Halls are happy to share that the Dos Perros Ale is great with Mexican or Thai food. It also pairs well with barbeque or grilled salmon. The owners are as much a reason to head to Yazoo as the beer.

The Yazoo Brewery is a must-see when in Nashville, Tennessee. It is a true family run business with success written all over it. The Yazoo Brewery is currently located at 1200 Clinton Street #112.