The climate of Nashville is moderate.  It has four distinct seasons during the year, and temperatures can vary as well.  The city has abundant precipitation year round, usually about 50 inches a year can be expected.  Its climate ranges from cool, generally wet winters, to hot and humid summers.


Nashville has winters that can are either cool or slightly mild.  Generally, daytime temperatures hover in the 40s (degrees Fahrenheit), with nighttime temperatures falling into the mid 20s.  But temperatures do fluctuate from time to time.  When there’s an arctic air mass coming from Canada, temperatures can fall into the teens and single digits.  Spring-like temperatures in the 60s and 70s are no stranger to Nashville, either.   

In the meantime, residents should be prepared for plenty of rainy days, as normal precipitation for the entire season averages about 12 inches.  Snow occasionally falls in Nashville, but it’s usually light.  Perhaps up to ten inches of the white stuff can be expected for the winter season.


Spring is a beautiful season.  With flowers and trees blooming, there will be plenty of sunny days with mild temperatures and low humidity.  Normal high temperatures range from the 60s to the 80s, with lows in the 50s.  Be aware that spring can be stormy at times.  Thunderstorms tend to pop up, and there may be severe weather with tornadoes or hail, especially in April.


Nashville’s summers are indeed hot and humid.  It’s not very far from the Gulf of Mexico, so it’s no wonder the city experiences high humidity levels in the season.  Still, lots of sunshine will prevail, and pop-up thunderstorms with heavy rain are common.  Daytime temperatures can stay in the 90s for days, with warm nights in the 70s. 


This is another pleasant season, with abundant sunshine and some rainy days.  The humidity drops, so will the temperatures.  Normal temperatures can top into the 80s in September, but gradually cool into the 30s by November.  The first killing frost of the season usually arrives sometimes in late October or early November.

Nashville is fond of its mild climate.  If you wish to visit Music City, the best time of year to do so weather wise is in spring or autumn, because of clear, crisp blue skies and pleasant temperatures.