About the City of Nashville Tennessee

The city of Nashville is divided according to the weathervane. North, South, East and West Nashville each have their own distinct flare and reputation. Some are the best places to live in all of Tennessee, others are trying desperately to overcome bad crime rates and a history of violence.

Starting at the top, North Nashville is one of the oldest parts of the city. It includes the neighborhoods of Germantown, Jefferson Street, Hadley Park, Metro Center and a few others. Crime is greater in some of these areas than others, but on the whole North Nashville is not one of the most desirable neighborhoods for families. As of August 2009, North Nashville had experienced eighteen homicides within the calendar year, a rise of eight deaths over the preceding year’s statistics. Diversity within the area of North Nashville is evident particularly between the lower-to-middle-income African American population and the yuppie population along the quiet and quaint streets of Germantown.

The area of East Nashville is one of the most interesting blends in the Nashville scene. Historically it has some of the oldest homes and those that have been refurbished create some of the most truly beautiful neighborhoods in Nashville. East Nashville is on the rise as a trendy home for artists, musicians and persons involved in alternative lifestyles. Beyond the sort of So-Ho/San Fran thing, East Nashville is still plagued by a high crime rate and a large low-income population made up primarily of African Americans and Hispanics. In keeping with it’s vibe as a hot spot, there is more of a singles crowd than a family affair in the better parts of the East side of town.

South Nashville is one of the largest growing areas in the city and one of the most desirable for families, particularly the community of Brentwood. This area includes the thriving Cool Springs Galleria Mall and all of it’s neighboring establishments. The close proximity between Brentwood and the city of Franklin in nearby Williamson County is a big pull for many businesses as families are looking to enroll students in Williamson County schools rather than metro Nashville.

West Nashville includes some of the wealthiest parts of the city and some of the most spectacular mansions. With the neighborhoods of Bellevue, Belle Meade, and Green Hills, West Nashville is the most exclusive part of Nashville. Home to the very popular and historic Belle Meade Plantation and the upscale Green Hills Mall, West Nashville is the best place to spot a celebrity whether they are at the mall, in their car, or taking their kids to school.

Downtown Nashville is the epicenter of this southern city. The area around Broadway and 2nd Avenue is the night life and restaurant scene of the downtown area. It is not always the safest part of town, and features only apartment living. Downtown Nashville includes all of the buildings associated with the state government, including the impressive and beautiful Tennessee State House.

The Downtown Nashville area spans down Broadway and across I-65 to the university and medical side of Nashville. Still technically a part of Downtown, this areas includes many more single family homes as well as apartment buildings, hospitals, the well-known academic establishments of Vanderbilt and Belmont Universities, and the very popular Bicentennial Park. The youth culture of Nashville is primarily on this side of Downtown and thrives throughout the school year.