A guide to Tullahoma Tennessee

Lovely Tullahoma (population 18,579) is the largest town within Coffee County in South Central Tennessee. Many aspects of this community will interest visitors, especially aviation enthusiasts.

An accessible location in a developing region

Tullahoma sits just a short distance from the county seat, Manchester, in an area of gently rolling hills and plains. Residents enjoy easy access to Interstate-24, the main overland transportation corridor through the middle of the state. 

The highway offers speedy communication with Nashville, some 72 miles to the northwest and Chattanooga, 69 miles to the southeast. Rapidly expanding metropolitan Huntsville, Alabama lies about a ninety minute drive to the southwest. Tullahoma’s economy benefits from its proximate location to these growing urban areas.

The town also maintains a municipal airport- an plus for residents who enjoy flying.

A center for aviation buffs

People who enjoy aircraft will find Tullahoma of particular interest in other ways, as well. The community has possessed a long history of involvement with the airplane and aeronautical engineering industries since the post-World War II era. 

Originally a quiet rural village with a mainly farm-based economy, Tullahoma’s course changed significantly when the United States military decided to build a large army base called “Camp Forrest” in a wooded region just southwest of town.     

The installation functioned during the Second World War. Later, it became the site of Arnold Engineering Development Center (currently known as the Arnold Engineering Development Complex or “AEDC”).  Extensive flight simulations there continue to attract aeronautic experts, mathematicians, physicists, computer scientists and many others to the region.

The University of Tennessee, a large academic institution which maintains several campuses across the State, constructed its Space Institute as a graduate education and research facility adjoining the AEDV in 1964. Together, the two entities continue to contribute to Tullahoma’s growth.

A rising educational and business hub

Tullahoma has benefited significantly from the development of its aviation-related sector. Many firms in the local area promote education and business technology. They benefit from the presence of a highly skilled local work force.

The town enjoys an outstanding school system. In addition to a parochial institution for younger children, Tullahoma possesses four elementary schools, two middle schools and an academically award winning high school.  

Motlow State Community College, known as a center for teacher education in Tennessee, maintains one of its four campuses in the community. So despite its still comparatively small size, Tullahoma enjoys the presence of several educational institutions.

Many enterprises conduct business within this area.  In addition to working in numerous shops, specialty retail outlets, cafes and restaurants, the population often finds employment in high tech and educational fields.

A large medical complex on eleven acres serves as the site of Harton Regional Medical Center.  It includes a full range of health care services, including an emergency room, and diagnostic facilities.  The hospital attracts medical professionals to the community and surrounding areas in large numbers.  Reportedly, over a hundred physicians practice within the greater Manchester-Tullahoma region.    

The availability of medical facilities means that retirees may find relocation to Tullahoma especially attractive. Surrounding Coffee County remains relatively rural in character.

Lots of recreational opportunities and events

Many opportunities exist for recreation in this vicinity, too!  Tullahoma maintains some small community parks: for example Frazier McEwen Park lies just a short distance west of Route 16, the main north-south thoroughfare through town.  It offers residents a place to relax and enjoy some outdoor fun.

Many tourists visit Tullahoma in order to tour nearby Old Stone Fort State Archaeological Park.  The site allows visitors to tour an area of historic interest.  It offers separate camping and picnicking facilities, and provides a museum and informative presentations in addition to many recreational activities.  Patrons hike, bike, and  enjoy limited sailing in small boats or canoes in this area. The park’s waterfalls also attract public interest.

Additionally, residents of Tullahoma can participate in many social events.  In the northern part of town, a golf course and country club provides additional recreational pursuits. In September, sponsors host the “Community Cancer Care Ladies Golf Tournament.” 

Many residents of the town also attend public events, including music festivals, at the nearby Manchester, Tennessee county fairgrounds.

Tullahoma possesses exceptional promise. The friendly community in recent years has drawn many people to Coffee County and the South Central Tennessee region.